Franchise Evolution: King Kong (part 4 of 5)

The key to the character is that the audience must not only buy her and Kong together (not that way, you freaks, though this movies sort of implies Kong has the hots for her), but also root for her to be rescued… which really hurts the film when your Jack Driscoll substitute is a sanctimonious little prick who looks like he just got kicked out of the homeless shelter… again.

Caption contributed by Ed

You said it, pal. This movie blows!

As for her and Kong, it’s just incidental “because the script says so” bullshit, and the only real memorable moment is when she punches Kong in the face, calling him a “goddamned chauvinist pig ape!”

On a related note, I hear if you bring this movie up to Ms. Lange, she will actually rip your throat out just like Patrick Swayze did in Road House. So I would avoid the topic if you meet her. Just a tip.

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Ed Harris

A fan of less than great cinema since childhood, Ed divides his time between writing scripts, working an actual paying job and subjecting himself willingly to some of the worst films society has produced.

Multi-Part Article: Franchise Evolution: King Kong

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