Kim Kardashian: Superstar (The Clean Version) (2007) (part 4 of 5)

Nothing happens some more, until Kim finally tells him to turn the camera off. The next title card says READY TO PARTY.

It’s now nighttime. Accordingly, Ray has the night vision on, even though the room is brightly lit. He says they’re about to go to downtown Cabo, but he’s waiting for Kim to get ready, “of course”. He also claims they just did stuff they “couldn’t show on camera”. Of course not. Because that might have actually been exciting.

Caption contributed by Albert

Cabo, or scuds flying over Baghdad? You decide.

He stands on the hotel balcony and films the beach through night vision, and talks about how “sexy” the whole place is. End scene. That was enlightening.

KIM & RAY J GO CLUBBING IN CABO is the next title card. Ray still has the night vision on for no reason, rendering everything green. They hop into a cab and the driver doesn’t speak English, so a guy from the hotel tells him in Spanish where to go. God, I’m hoping these two end up kidnapped and held for ransom. The big question is, would anyone pay up?

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Multi-Part Article: Kim Kardashian: Superstar (The Clean Version) (2007)

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