Kim Kardashian Would Like You To Know That Her 6-Month-Old Child Has Her Own Lamborghini

You don’t remember your first Christmas, unless you’re one of the weirdos who claim you remember the womb, but your parents have probably trotted out photos of you with a new stuffed animal, or baby’s first inexplicable plastic key ring. But daddy didn’t get you a tiny Lamborghini, now did he?

North West may be too young to remember her first Christmas, but let’s just say the precious 6-month-old received some fabulous gifts.

Her proud mama Kim Kardashian shared the latest present the tiny tot received: a mini Lamborghini to match dad Kanye West’s luxurious ride.

“Like father like daughter,” the 33-year-old E! star captioned the snapshot of her daughter’s new wheels, which she added to her Instagram account on Friday, Dec. 27.

Can’t wait to see these two in their sleek cars!

Nor can we! Except that at 6 months, little North is not even old enough to do those Flintstones type car things


…on account of how she does not yet really have functioning limbs, and we presume that it is frowned upon to let actual babies operate motorized vehicles, even scaled-down car-type ones.


See? That child is not a baby. That child is probably five years old. Three years old? Eleventy? Getting ready for college? We do not know. The point is that it is not a baby. But enjoy your one-of-a-kind knockoff Batmobile-looking car, West-Kardashian spawn. You’ve earned it, simply by being born to the incomprehensibly rich.


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