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Kanye West Wants Michelle Obama To Stop Classisming Poor Little Kim Kardashian

nope, she's no kim kardashianWe have never really “gotten” Kanye West, except for that time he said George Bush doesn’t care about black people, because of how that was awesome, and it was awesome because it was true. But we are really, really not getting Kanye West today. He was speaking to Ryan Seacrest — as you do — about how his fiancee, Kim Kardashian, is the hottest — she is quite hot — and basically started free-associating about how America is classist — it is — because millionaire Kim Kardashian is not on Vogue, but Michelle Obama is on Vogue, and Kanye West will not stand for that kind of oppression against millionaire Kardashians.

“Now for me, what I want to create isn’t about black and white, but the reason why I’m not able to create what I want to create is about being black and is about classism. And that’s that wall when I took [Kim] to the Met Ball and they put it up on Vogue.com and tried to say she wasn’t there because they didn’t want a reality show girl there,” he told Seacrest. He also brought up the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which has decreed Kardashian ineligible for the honor because she’s a reality star.

“And classism has been going on before racism … No, we’re classist. We have our cool table. We got our house in the Hamptons. We got our boat, and we got our ticket to the Met Ball … And there’s no way Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be on the cover of Vogue,” West said. “She’s like the most intriguing woman right now. She’s got Barbara Walters calling her like every day … and collectively we’re the most influential with clothing.”

Where Mr. West is incorrect is in not applying the bell hooks critique of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In – LIKE WE ALL DO – in trying to grasp the essence of classism. Mr. West is correct that “classism” can be a form of social snub against the “not classy” and Kim Kardashian is kinda not classy. Sorry not sorry. Usually, though, classism refers to that whole entrenched social classes thing where the rich discriminate against the poors and make sure the poors have subpar education and a lack of upward mobility. In other words, although new groups breaching the moats of the country clubs and the walls of the boardroom is important in making more rights and privileges available for the less-privileged as well — which we believe hooks disregarded too much in her Sandberg critique — the true pain and tragedy of classism is usually about a class structure that actively works to keep labor cheap, unions crushed, and undesirables from voting and not so much about whether someone ends up on Vogue.

But yes, Kim Kardashian does not have a Vogue cover. We are sure this is quite painful.

Anything else, Mr. West?

No one is looking at what [President] Obama is wearing.

Incorrect! We pay attention when he wears Dad Jeans 🙁

Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day.”

Kanye West Wants Michelle Obama To Stop Classisming Poor Little Kim Kardashian

Got it. The girl who grew up in inner-city Chicago, went on to Harvard Law, and is a greatly beloved (and beautiful!) First Lady of the United States is oppressing Kim Kardashian by being on Vogue even though she doesn’t even hang her ass out.

So basically, shut up Kanye West is what.

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  • msanthropesmr

    To paraphrase Rudy from Fat Albert – “They are a lot like school on a Saturday”.

  • Dr.Zoidberg

    Wow, you can see his ego from space.

  • Zippy W Pinhead

    Seriously, I cannot scrape together even a fraction of a fuck to give about Kanye West or Kim Kardashian

  • ZorakHendrix

    Nothing like a bowl of Kanye Word Salad for breakfast. :^p

  • Buddha Stalin

    “So basically, shut up Kanye West is what.” The same applies to his brother Allen.

  • docterry6973

    I cannot see Kim Kardashian as the victim of class warfare in America. Though I cannot understand why Vogue has never put me on the cover either.

  • Buddha Stalin

    Is that Kim posing with her bottom and her side of boobs? I thought she was black-haired. Is this some kind of Faux-Kardashian?

    • fatstinkycat

      That’s Kanye’s attempt to make Kim look like Beyoncé, kinda creepy trying to make your GF look like your best friends wife.

  • calliecallie

    Ad libbing “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on national television is the ONLY worthwhile thing Kanye has done, IMHO, and it is enough for me to give him a lot of leeway. But not on this. I’m glad you think your girl is hot, Kanye, but do not be dissin’ the first lady.

  • I’m watching this interview on Entertainment Weekly, and the whole thing is like an episode of “The Sammy Maudlin Show” from SCTV.

    • edith prickly

      Hey!! I KNEW Sammy Maudlin, and Ryan Seacrest is no Sammy Maudlin. And Kimmy ain’t NEVER gonna be Lola Heatherton!

  • Bill Slider

    That Instagram photo is an excellent example of why she is not on the cover of Vogue. She does, however, appear to be a good fit for Playboy.

    • chascates

      I think that ass is too large for Playboy.

    • Farb

      You mean that she’s a mite largish and a silly millimeter from sagging? Happens when you exceed your best by date.

  • coozledad

    If I were to subject Kim’s selfie to the same iconographic analysis as a seventeenth century Dutch genre painting, I’d be tempted to conclude she’s just pulled that phone out her ass.

  • Hammiepants

    Ugh. This guy. ProTip, Kanye: First Ladies generally don’t instagram their asses like the vapid assclown you married, ’cause, you know, THEY’RE THE FIRST LADY.

    • JoyP

      Actually, they don’t even have to be first lady – just a lady. A lot of women don’t feel the need to instagram a picture of their ass in order to stay relevant. Stay classy Kim and Kanye! If you have to talk about how classy you and your “girl” are, then you aren’t.

  • We have never really “gotten” Kanye West, except for that time he said George Bush doesn’t care about black people, because of how that was awesome, and it was awesome because it was true. But we are really, really not getting Kanye West today.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • jamesonfreeman

    Jesus, Yeezus…

  • Farb

    Kanye West is still issuing sewage from his gaping maw, but now it has neither rhyme nor meter.

  • le_renard_de_velours

    Vogue is not the magazine I think of when I see that picture.

    • discus_sucks_ass

      Tugs & Jugs springs to mind…

  • Now just because I wouldn’t mind seeing the Koch brothers, Kanye West, the entire Kardashian clan, Alan Greenspan, and numerous others dragged whimpering to a guillotine erected on the smoking ruins of Wall Street doesn’t mean I actually want it to happen…oh, screw it, who am I kidding?

    • Yep.

      With votes!!!!1 (oh, this isn’t Wonkette. Carry on.)

  • edith prickly

    Hey Kanye, Imma let you finish but OH WAIT, NO I AM NOT. Please STFU forever.

  • BigRedDog

    Finally! Some actual sideboob.

    • Annie Towne

      That’s what I was gonna say!

  • SMFH-Itsnotsocialism

    A Kanye pout for sweetie being deemed declasse. Bro, we’re just not quite ready to appoint you as our social arbiter.

  • $160578

    Just how many of these Kardashians (Kardashiani?) are there, and are they all stupid?

  • Virtual Cruiser

    It must be a typo.Instead of ‘classism,’ he meant ‘classyism’; Michelle Obama is classy, while Kim Kardashian is not classy. Vogue Magazine is clearly discriminating*.*in both senses of the word

  • kindness

    Kim might be hot for a ho.

  • unhipcat

    how come magazines won’t put a kardashian on a cover? that’s racist.

    • Yep.

      George Bush doesn’t care about Kardashians.

  • ryp

    Kanye West is the Donald Trump of hippity-hop.

  • AKGrrl

    Boy, talk about a couple that deserves each other…

  • SullivanSt

    Bad choice of word, but if you understand West’s “classism” to mean the arbitrary categorization of people to create divisions which protect the existing power elite, then he has a point, but a truly awful example (hey Kanye, you do understand that nobody would ever have heard of Kim if she wasn’t born insanely rich, don’t you, and that whatever fashion influence she might have stems at least as much from that accident of birth as from any inherent merit she might have, right? Right?)

  • fatstinkycat

    Kanye would have to buy Vogue Mag and murder Anna Wintour to get Kimmode on the cover!

    • Annie Towne

      “murder Anna Wintour”… You know how many people there are just looking for a reason? Hush, Cat! Hush!

  • Ruby

    bell hooks reference FTW!

  • Farb

    Usually I likes ’em a mite chunky.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • Roy M Mckenzie

    I was thinking wookiee.

  • Bree

    Whether you like him or not, Kanye is a man that has worked hard in his field for his success but he wants someone who laid on their back for fame to get the same praise/success? That makes no sense to me. If I were famous I wouldn’t want a slut to get the same recognition as me. Spreading your legs shouldn’t equal a Vogue cover, Kanye!