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Now that DC Comics is busy making a bad reputation for itself in live-action movies and TV shows, Sofie chooses to focus on something good from the DC universe, as she watches the now legendary animated series Justice League, where Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and the Flash all team up to fight the Body Snatchers and the machines out of War of the Worlds in the stunning three-part pilot episode, “Secret Origins”.

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  • Muthsarah

    If they were interchangeable, why didn’t they have a female Green Lantern?  Even I know that he has a lot more powers than someone like Hawkman/Hawkgirl.   You could actually have a female character who’s wearing a shirt.  Or make them both female, so you have something close to a balance.

    I didn’t get into Justice League (or Superman) like I did with Batman: TAS as a kid.  I think it’s because most of them seemed so otherworldly powerful that it felt like there was never any suspense, no matter how big and weird their enemies were.  Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, even Martian Manhunter are like gods, that could only be killed by a plot convenience.  Batman was mortal, he had no powers.  Even the X-Men had some members who could shoot lasers and stuff but could still have been killed or captured easily.

    Sensitive to the sun?  I understand they’re going for a War of the Worlds parallel, but I’m pretty sure the sun exists in space too.  And without an atmosphere to get in the way!  Why not make them sensitive to gravity?

    I guess I have simple tastes: I prefer it when humans are running and punching each other for 22 minutes and leaving the lasers and UFOs alone.  Hope I’m not killing your buzz.  It is nice to see you happy over something.

    • Sofie Liv

       Because a human female green lantern never existed in the comic books, But Hawk-girl did so they just went for the exchange. How-ever a female lantern of other alien species does appear later in the show. Also it turns out she was John Stewarts mentor under his green lantern training, so she out-ranks him and is able to kick his ass. So well, yeah.. 

      And also because there is some-thing absolutely delightful about watching Hawk-girl just smashing through a shit ton of stuff.
      And well, I don’t know if I would call her weaker at all, her maze disrupts magic and is their greatest defence against any magic at all, their only real defence, which means there really has been numerous time where she was the only one whom could safe the day.
      Also, some-thing happens in the second season finale that puts her in a very interesting spot and turns her into one of the most interesting conflicting characters the show had to offer period. I don’t really want to trade that in at all.

      The Machines had some kind of thinga-majing that made sure the entire planet became clouded in black clouds so the sun didn’t shine through them, and their space-ships could take sun just fine, just not the aliens themselves.

      Well this is just the pilot, there are plenty of episodes where the heroes runs around on earth punching stuff, if the interest is there i’ll get to it later.

      • Clockworkcanary

        Love this entire series and have watched it several times. I think JLU was just a little bit better, story-wise with the Cadmus angle, which was pretty gripping. The first two seasons were great setup, though. 

        Batman is always my favorite, but this show really made me appreciate both Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl -the two characters I knew least about when I started watching. Both of their personalities is what does it. 

        And I kinda have a crush on Hawkgirl. Yes she’s extremely resistant to magic and the like and is extremely logical. I liked her character development throughout the entire series. This show made both my girlfriend and myself pretty big Hawkgirl fans (neither of us care for Hawkman, though). 

        • Sofie Liv

           I do agree, the series improves ones it reaches JLU.. which is an amazing feet, this show was all-ready pretty good, and it was the time they gained a massive cast, had characters whom would only be the focus for one or two episodes, change mains every single week, that they become better. That’s amazing!

          I really do like Hawkgirl as well, I like her way better than Hawkman, she is interesting, she has personality, she is conflicted, she is interesting!

          And she is not the only interesting woman this show gets to show-case. Huntress, Black Canary, Super girl, Power Gir, I like all of these women and how the show representent them.

          I have to admit, I have a certain weakness towards Huntress. I guess I kind of like that she is obviously a little nuts and that the show calls her out on it, the other characters do call her crazy from time to time, and she is. Face it, you would have to be to fall for The Question, even if he is awesome.

  • Dwlow812003

    what did you think of the shows take on Aquaman, Sofie? I personally thought he was WAY to dark, and I liked the light hearted take on Aquaman from Brave and the Bold a lot better:)

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, I don’t really think there is any arguing this Aquaman was pretty bad-ass, you did not want to screw around with that guy.
      Which was sort of the point as they tried to get away from his silly points and convince the audience that Aquaman can be awesome to.

      I liked him, the Aquaman in the brave and the bold is compleately different, and pretty dang hillarious. so well, there’s room in my heart for both. 

  • StevePotter

    Maybe DC should just use this pilot for their Justice League movie.

    • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

      No, Darkseid and Apocalypse would have to be in a Justice League movie.  A Superman movie should feature either Brainiac, Mongul or (most favorably) Kalibak while building up Darkseid.  That is, if DC has any desire to build a shared cinematic universe, which at this point seems pretty unlikely.  Granny Goodness hiring Lobo to take out Wonder Woman, whom he’d see as a threat would make a pretty cool Wonder Woman movie.  Flash vs Doctor Bedlam, Desaad giving Intergang weapons in a Batman related movie, and a John Stewart Green Lantern movie of him going to Oa to warn of Darkseid’s plans only for the Manhunters to hunt him down, controlled by Virmin Vundabar.  Having Darkseid’s Elite appear in all the movies would add even more to the epicness of a Justice League movie.

      • Sofie Liv

        to much to quick.

        The important thing would just be to think in a simple narrative, especially now as DC seems to have decided just to do a Justice League movie without any build-up what so ever, and just make other movies based on those Justice League character after-wards.

        That’s how they decided to make their new Batman, just have him appear as a new character in Justice League, and then use that character in a new Batman movie that doesn’t bother to deal with origin.

        To just have the Batman being the bat without dealing with origin, if you got a prober script that’s actually a good idea.

        The rest is not, those are terrible ideas.. I get so much sucking vibes from this project, and believe me it pains me.
        Especially as all of the directors names thrown around are just big name cash in directors. “The Wakowski brothers.” Nooo, please don’t, the only cool thing they made was the Matrix. “Ben Affleck.” wtf, he’ll make a terrible fit, and does are the names Universal seemingly want.. -_-;

        • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

          You’re probably right, but I still think a Lobo vs Wonder Woman fight would be pretty awesome.

        • CDiehl

          I think there are two reasons why such names are being thrown around. The first is that this movie is kind of a pipe dream right now, and they’re just spitballing names because it’s all they can do. Also, it’s a cheap and easy way to generate buzz about a movie that’s probably not even written yet (think of that as reason 1a). The second is they probably think they’re following Marvel’s formula. Joss Whedon directed The Avengers and it was a huge hit, so they think the lesson is to get someone like him (or someone they think is like him) to direct and it will have the same effect.

          • Sofie Liv

             Considering that Warner Brothers sits on the rights to ALL of these heroes, and it’s a project that looks like a sure money winner, I am getting increasingly sure it will happen some-how.

            It will most probably suck, maybe they will start shooting without any finihsed script, but it’ll happen eventually. Warner Brothers are desperate for money and the cry-out about a Justice League film is to big to ignore.

      • CDiehl

        There’s one massive problem with making a Justice League movie where Darkseid is the antagonist – The Avengers. If you use Darkseid and his usual M.O. of invading Earth with an army, it’s going to look to most people like you ripped off the plot of The Avengers. Even if it’s not true, most people, who honestly don’t know from the comics or care about them, will think that.

        Also, a slightly smaller problem would be having Batman involved with this sort of story, after Nolan’s Batman movies. I know that someone will eventually make another Batman movie, and no matter what, The Dark Knight Rises will be a very tough act to follow, but I imagine the change in mood between that and a movie relating this directly to the DC Comics-verse will be quite jarring.

        • Sofie Liv

           You know, I think Mr. Mendo had an excellent idea he commented on while we were Skyping.

          He stated that DC were really selling themselves short only releasing their animated hero movies directly to DVD.. huh, you know he is right.

          Why not just stuff a bit extra money into those projects, give them a bit more time in pre-production (my only problem with all of these movies are that the scripts obviously needs a bit of polishing.) And voila, animated movie to release in cinema!

          It’ll be obviously exstremely different from what Marvel did, safe Warner Brothers a lot of money, and make hardcore fans happy.

          Who on earth did come up with the rule that comic book adaptations for the big screen MUST be life action any-way?

          I seem to re-call a little movie called. “Mask of Phantasm.” that did fairly well, in spite of getting released the same year as another movie which had the exact same main character..

          Or here’s a thought, it’s been almost ten years since this show ended, celebrate the big anniversary with a movie that has the same characters in it, it does indeed look like the animated direct to DVD movies are just trying to capture what this show did any-way. So why not? this is a good idea that doesn’t smell of suck.

          And why not let Batman do what he does best? Be a detective and do sciensy things, he is the groups sciense guy and that guy is always invaluable in any fictional group, so well, don’t have him punch Darkseid, have him figure stuff out and do sciensy things on his own, the Nolan movies actually sort of lacked this aspect of his character.

        • WOW! that’s a great point: The plot featuring Darkseid’s invasion of Earth will seem WAY too similar to the Avengers’ movie. Didn’t think about that until now.

          Hmm… maybe Brainiac then? Or the White Martians?

    • Sofie Liv

      Well it certainly would be different, to just see war of the wolrds mixed with superheroes on the big screen like that. And it’ll be hard not to say. “Wauw geesh.”

      I don’t know, there actually is a lot of stuff you can do, this series had and advantage of being the pilot to a big series, so we would get to all the recognisable names later on. Superhero fans going into a movie as this without one single recognisable villain appearing would might be kind of dissapointed.

      Beside, the studio needs to recognisable villain for promotional stuff, this just wouldn’t happen.

      • StevePotter

        My vote is for Captain Cold. 

        • Sofie Liv

           I am not exactly sure whom that is, so that would categorise him as not a to well known villain and there-fore wouldn’t work as marketing figure.

          The bigs in the Supers universe would be following; Lex Luthor, Braniac and Darkseid

          So if you want a superman villain of of does would be ideal.
          I admit, Lex Luthor had some fail portrayals in the past, but he is very awesome in this animated series, where he is not only an buisness man but a genius inventor, he actually does show-case a genius so big that that alone out-matches all other villains, he is so much a genius that his only real concern is how he could leave a permant mark on the world as he cannot bear to be forgotten.
          Whether that mark is for the good or the bad doesn’t matter to him, as long as it’s a mark, and Superman is overshadowing him. That’s a very interesting version of Luthor to me that this series show-cases, also we get to see him do stuff in the field which is nice.

          How-ever, my pick for villain, and I would make that a singular villain, would be braniac, a big menace where it makes sense all of the heroes has to pull together to defeat him and safe earth. Also, we havn’t seen him in any life action movie, yet every-body knows who he is, so that makes it obvious to me.

          • The_Stig

            Captain Cold is a member of The Flash’s rogues’ gallery. He’s basically a Mr. Freeze ripoff except Captain Cold actually came first, so Freeze is actually ripping -him- off. That and Captain Cold isn’t emo.

            I always thought Billy Zane would have made an awesome Lex Luthor. He’s got the look and he can pull off the arrogant demeanor (and if you look at pictures of him when his head is shaved he looks JUST like Luthor)

            the Justice League film villain HAS to be Darkseid. There’s just no other viable option. (Save Brainiac for a future Superman film).

            Oh, Sofie, I’m not kissing up to you when I say that your videos never fail to make me feel better.

          • Sofie Liv

             That’s an interesting thought, and yeah, I can definetely see that.

            I wouldn’t want to go with Darkseid right away, I do think he is to big and to massive a villain to go with, also it would require for the movie to not only introduce a world where superheroes life, but also introduce apocolypse and explain what that is.
            I am not saying Darkseid should never be used, I am just saying he would be better for a Justice League sequel than the first movie which will be busy just introducing the heroes and keeping a track on them.

            And no it’s not, it makes me happy.
            Cause it means that I am doing my job right! I am here to let you have a good time, not to make you more miserable, and I want you all the have a good time watching my work.
            So I am very happy to be told that :)

          • mesenchymal

            In addition to Sofie’s point about apocolypse being to much to introduce along with the Justice League, Avengers teased Thantos as the next big bad and having Justice League come out shortly after Avengers 2 with almost the same villain could reduce the general public’s interest. 

          • Sofie Liv

             it would be a bit of a problem for any justice league movie that people would compare it to the Avengers… So Warner brothers would need to be kind of creative about this.

            Trouble just is, it doesn’t seem like they want to gamble and be creative, they play it safe and for the money, which is part of the reason why the fail -_-;

          • StevePotter

            I was joking as Captain Cold, that would obviously be a bad idea. I think Luthor would be their best bet, as they could include him in their Universe without making him a villain in one of the Superman films. Brainiac would be cool too, but probably not as well known.

          • Sofie Liv

             I do also think it would be nice for them to go with some-one else than Luthor for ones.

            Or maybe we could just have Luthor sit in the back-ground as a puppet master whom are the cause of the monster they are fighting but doesn’t get exposed for it, because he was clever enough to cover his trail. That has been known to happen, he is the cause behind Bizarro and so on.

          • StevePotter

            That’s probably their best bet. It’s similar to how I think they should do Norman Osborne in the new Spider-Man films, because I will shoot someone if they redo the Green Goblin Arc.

            Hey… speaking of… You should totally review “The Amazing Spider-Man” when it comes out on DVD! 

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, I think it would be nice if they re-did the goblin arch and then did it like in “Spectacular Spiderman.” where Osbourn is NOT skizofrenic but very simply just an cold ass-hole, in that show he plays the innocent father but by the any really doesn’t give a crap about his own son, even frames Harry so he himself can get away, he really is a true villain in that show..

            I all-ready saw the movie, I saw it in cinema with one of my friends. ;)

          • StevePotter

            I suppose. I personally would rather have him as Norman Osbourn being an evil dick than Norman Osbourn being the Goblin,  but I guess it all depends on how they handle it.

          • Sofie Liv

             Just saying, I go to a superhero movie exspecting just some adranalin filled scenes with cool villains and some-one beating the shit out of each other.

            If Osbourn is just sitting around being all king-pin like or what-ever, at least he needs to create some monsters that can smash Spidy through some walls.

          • StevePotter

            Well, of course. I didn’t want him to be the ONLY villain, just in a different capacity. We could have someone like Rhino or something.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            Why doesn’t anyone like the idea of Kalibak being Superman’s first real powerhouse enemy outside of the Phantom Zone Kryptonians?  He makes a lot of sense, since in most moviegoers minds, they have no idea who Kalibak is, what makes him special, why he’s out to to get Superman, anything…and Kalibak could be out to steal something for Darkseid in Metropolis that draws the attention of Superman (STARLabs is always cooking something up) to prevent him from getting away and also figuring out what is going on.  Superman could have a minor fight with say Parasite or Livewire to address his level of power while Kalibak finds some tech to help increase the size of the Fatherbox Technology for larger Boom Tubes, since Darkseid’s ultimate goal is the destruction of New Genesis, and Earth is simply the home of his biggest adversary.

          • That’s actually a pretty good idea, though Superman isn’t Darkseid’s biggest adversary (in the comics). For the purposes of the movie-going public, it should work well. 

  • mesenchymal

    Bruce Timm’s universe is something I loved from my childhood, but I didn’t really like this show.  I just don’t think it was as good as Batman TAS, at least until they relaunched it as Justice league Unlimited and expanded the cast.

    Also, while Marvel traditionally hasn’t had good animation, Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes is one of the best cartoons I’ve seen.  You should check it out.

    • Sofie Liv

       As you can see, I really like this show.
      It’s different from Batman Tas, and there’s a reason why Batman tas still ranks as the second best animated show ever created, next only to the Simpsons, on the big IMDB voters list. It’s just an exceptional show.

      I do think that this show improved when it became JLU, but this also had some very strong episodes with real emotion in them. If the interest is there i’ll dig into it later ;)

      I have seen that show, straight to cancellation, which was a dumb move.
      Maybe it’s just my own child-hood nostalgia, this is the dang show I grew up with and watched religously (And upon re-watch I actually find it to be better than I remembered.) But I don’t find it quite as good as this.
      It’s good, don’t get me wrong, just not as good as this.. in my own humble opinion.

  • Yurifan

    I just discovered your reviews and I’m now a a huge fan. Your review of Justice League is spot on. This is why it’s my favorite TV show of all time.

    • Sofie Liv

       Thank you very much, it’s always so great running into a fellow fan!

  • What is that musical? I must see this!

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s Holy Batman the Musical created by the Star Kids whom also made the awesome “A very potter Musical.” “Starship the musical” and “Me and my dick.” which also are awesome.

      And you can watch all of that for absolut free and absolutely legal on their own youtube channel “Starkid”

      So just get to Youtube and get there at ones! They are awesome!

  • edharris1178

    Great stuff, Sofie.  I love the show too.   A perfect blend of non-stop action, humor and good writing and animation.

    • Sofie Liv

      yeps, it is :)


  • Great review, Sofie. I love Justice League. It managed to get better the longer it was on. Season 2 trumped season 1, ending with the awesome three-parter “Starcrossed”. Unlimited built off of the events in season 2 (as well as BTAS and STAS) to create the Cadmus story arc. Up until recently, I didn’t think there could ever be an animated team-based comic book show that could compare to Justice League and JLU until… I started watching “Young Justice”. Have you seen it yet?

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah i’ve seen Young Justice.. and I seem to be the only person on the entire enternet thinking that.. it’s good, it’s a good quality cartoon show, but it is not as good as this as I find this to be nothing short of exceptional.

      Maybe it’s my nostalgia flilther, I don’t know! I feel the same way about the show. “Avengers earth mightiest heroes.” which so many people are praising.
      I think it’s good, just not as good, which I don’t exspect any new show to be, as again, I find this exceptional. And a good quality show is still a good quality show.

      Sigh, yeah, this show just became better and better all the time. All though the second season of JLU was never supposed to exist, and looking at the two season finales you can sort of sense that.

      You have the Luthor Brainiac ending, that really did tie every-thing together, adressed the dilemmas from earlier, had Supermans arch come to an conclusion, had that whole “Are you like the justice lords?” also being sat the conclusion, it book ended all the morale dillemas and the villain archs. And then the executives came to the writers saying. “Yo guys, we need another season.” “Shit…”

      Fortunately that second season is very-very good, possible the best season in the entire run, it’s just a shame the finale could never possible life up to the last one X)
      But oh well, there’s a whole episode of the villains just fighting each other and.. killing each other, litterately, only half the villains survive the episode, and it’s kind of awesome.

      Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed!

  • Dwlow812003

    I hope we see more of the Sofie and Mendo team in the future. Those two are great seperately, but AWESOME together, lol:)

    • Sofie Liv

       Well… as Mendo does not have a computer right now.. because it broke.. it would be a bit difficult to pull off as of now. We want to make more cross-overs, believe me we are plotting and talking all the time, but you know.. time and all of that.

      But if you want more Mendo reviews, and Mendo Sofie cross-overs, go support him now so he can get back into buisness!

      And thanks for the compliment, appreciated.

  • Kids today!

    Interesting look at this.
    Did you ever do any reviews on The Brave and The Bold? I forget.

    • Sofie Liv

       No, I did not, I’ve used clips of it but I havn’t reviewed any episodes.. and I have no idea how I would be able to tackle that one as the show itself is sort of a. Comedy homage to the wacky silver age.. erh.. sort of hard to describe.

      The only episode I think could qualify for an in depth review would be “Chill of the night.” which is a very good episode. Maybe i’ll make an over-all look at the show some day, I don’t know, maybe, Joey Tedesco made one for the site, right here.

      Glad you enjoyed the episode! :)

  •  Just to make a quick correction, the white Green Lantern you see in Superman TAS and Justice League Unlimited is Kyle Rayner, not Hal Jordan. He doesn’t exist in the DCAU (though, in the Superman TAS episode, Kyle finds himself at a military base and see’s a plane that has the name “Captain Hal Jordan” on it, and also in the clips you showed from the episode where they go into the future and Sterwart transforms into Jordan for a little while.)

    Otherwise, awesome review. I agree, the Origins episodes aren’t the best the show has to offer, to me, that would have to go to the Cadmus arc during the second season of Justice League Unlimited, but this was a great start, but this was where it started, and you can see that Bruce Timm obviously hasn’t forgotten his roots. As a reviewer once said, when the Earth needs saving, they go to the Justice League. When the Justice League needs saving, they go to Batman.

    • Sofie Liv

       Oh shoot! You’re right!
      But well, I managed to explain to any new-comers why this green lantern doesn’t look like the one in the movie right? oh gosh how many human green lanterns do we have, five? huh.. and no women yet as far as I can remember, that’s actually a little bit odd.

      That seems to be the great agreement, people really favour the big cadmus story arch, and I will have to say it’s absolutely brilliant, it really takes the only logical next step for the plot points previously set and actually faces the moral dillemas head on without compromise, just boldly goes for it! which is why it can be so unbelivable tense.

      When The Question, the great conspiracy buff and obviously a very paranoic persona makes his accusation, he has a point, Batman makes the same accusation and ones again have a point. Cadmus itself is much more complex than any standard villain, because ones again, they have their points and you can easily see where they are coming from and why they are scared.

      The interest in this video has proven itself to be quite decent, so i’ll possible make more going into those later episodes, believe me I want to :)

      And hehe, yeah they do… cause he’s Batman..

      • Yes, you did explain it. I’m not sure why there isn’t a female Lantern either. I mean, it’s totally possible that there is one, there are certainly female alien ones, but I suppose it’s cause we have plenty of Lanterns already. I think I read somewhere that Stewart, Rayner, and Gardner are all “back up” Lanterns, since Jordan is supposed to be the “main” one, so adding any more might seem redundant. Why not just take a bunch of humans and give them all rings and handle their own human branch of the Corps?

        Though they did just introduce a new Lantern in the new 52 comics, so maybe I’m wrong. Still, I agree, it’s about time we had a female Lantern, would make for an interesting comic.

        The Cadmus arc was great, I fell in love with the Question character, it was all just so perfect. It was really mature too, while maintaining a lot of action. And then the last episode of the arc, Epilogue (at least I think it should be included in the arc) was brilliant. They just don’t make cartoons like this anymore. Young Justice is coming pretty close, but I fear with all the different characters it has to juggle and develop, it might implode on itself.

        I have to say, I am surprised at how nerdy you are. I haven’t seen too many of your videos, mostly this, your appearance in the Mirror, Mirror review, and one of your first episodes with the female comedic characters, but I think you pump out some pretty quality stuff.

        • Sofie Liv

          I think every-body loves the question, even if he does make the worst phone-sex ever.
          “What are you wearing?”
          “Orange socks.” X)

          He is just delightfully strange and have some of the best quotes ever, I have to say though, he would not make up for a good main character, he is a great secondary character, an amazing one in fact, but with so many of the greats in secondary characters, he only works because we get him in small dozes, have some-one else with a clear persective and morale to see him through. And like Strawberries, it just tastes that much better when you don’t get it that often.. he is still awesome though.

          Why wouldn’t I be nerdy? i’m here, spending all my spare-time making videos aren’t I? And I do that because I love movies ;)
          And good thing to I have some-where to do it, my mom litterately asks me to shut up about movies when-ever we are together….

          I was asked to do recent bad stuff, but I think i’ll maybe take a different route and bury myself down in my own nerdy passions, if you want to watch out for my next video, I promise, that one is nerdy to, because it’s dealing a subject I adore! I am not confined to superheroes :D

          And glad this video could interest you, hehe, that wacky female video is very litterately from when I just entered the site, I hope I have sort of improved since then X)

          •  Lol, I just found out the voice actor who did Question also did Shran from Star Trek: Enterprise (Loathsome as the show was, I liked Shran and usually enjoyed seeing him) and Rachet in Transformers: Prime, I knew his voice started to sound familiar!

            I agree, in fact, that is probably true about a lot of the characters in JLU, in fact, that’s why it probably worked out so well. With only a small amount of screen time for each secondary character, the writers saw fit to give us the best of Question, the best of Green Arrow, the best of Black Canary, ect. I don’t know if I’d want to see them in their own isolated shows, but as a group, interacting with each other, they’re great to see. (I guess you can tell from just that that I love the Question/Huntress and Green Arrow/Black Canary episodes.)

            I think you should do whatever you want, people can review good stuff and still make it funny and entertaining (especially when you compare the good stuff to the bad stuff to show why it’s so good, lol.) I’ve always wanted to do my own thing, I had this idea of comparing Superman: TAS to the Christopher Reeves movies and why I think the cartoon is a superior, and much better interpretation of the Man of Steel then the movies.

          • Cleggster

            Just like to point out that there was a female Green Lantern.  Sort of.  Jade.  The daughter of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.  I believe her name was…Jennifer.  She was born with her fathers powers so while she could do the green constructs thing, she was never a member of the Green Lantern Corp as far as I know. 

            Much as I liked the Justice League.  I was disappointed with there portrayal Superman.  They were always removing his powers or capturing him or having him be somewhere else.  I recognize that he is hard to write for.  Really hard.  But I don’t like it when they fall back on the old “he lost his powers” thing again.  His own TV show did the same thing.  I admit that when they decided to let him stretch his legs, it was impressive.  But the pilot episode, he was just the figurative damsel in distress.  But with a bug S on him shirt.


          • Sofie Liv

            Ah, did not know that. Well, there’s a female violet lantern. This show never gets into all of that multi coloured lantern stuff though, even Sinistro isn’t ever really explained, he is just there in the back-ground as a handy man. Funnily enough, he gets to be explained in “Static Shock.” but what ever X)

            Well that’s the problem isn’t it? this episode is supposed to show-case a group, it’s called Justice League not. “Superman the second animated series.”

            So well, you just have to even things out so every-body get an equal share of screen time.

            And yeah, Supermans powers does seems to fit what the writers need today, if we are going to be realistic, there’s no way in hell that alien slime can hold him, realisticly he would have broken free of that in a second, the only explanation I can come up with is that the yellow sun has been blogged for quite a while so he isn’t fully charged.

            But again, this was not supposed to be an Superman efford, it was supposed to be a group efford, and as such, it’s doing it pretty well.

          • Sofie Liv

            I think Black Canary and Green Lantern could work fine as the heroes of their own show really, it’s just the Question and Huntress whom couldn’t, and those are the two we likes the most, so that’s always a funny thing X) 

            Well, Superman Tas is ones again the Superman that i grew up with!

            I saw some of the Christopher Reeve movies when I was a little kid, believe me or not, it was the third one that gave me nightmares.. it’s just, that woman violently transformed into a cyborg, it scared the hell out of me as a kid, and I had genuine nightmares about it, that my parents would be violently transformed into cyborgs or some-thing.
            But the movies did not play that big an impact on my childhood, not like Superman Tas which I never ever missed saturday morning. And then later Justice League. So for me personally, yeah, they are the truer interpresations inside of my head. 

            If you want to make some-thing for yourself, try it out, talking about Superheroes seems to be always a pretty safe bet, people really do love to hear more about these icons.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I’m still upset that JLU was cancelled.  I don’t see any reason why Darkseid invading Earth and New Genesis couldn’t be an entire season all its own.  Having the entire Green Lantern Corps come together to attack Apokalips directly would be a pretty spectacular sight.  Darkseid could even make a deal with Ares to fan the flames of war with demons from Tartarus, with Vandal Savage watching from the wings, knowing that he could never die no matter the outcome.  It would be great to see Vandal beaten by Arrow, Huntress, Question and Canary since the four characters do work so well together.

          • Sofie Liv

             I don’t get that now they are so busy making direct to DVD movies all of the time, where they are clearly in these shows shadows and some-times wish they were these shows.. why not just build further upon all of this all-ready existing material? Why do you need to re-vamp all the time? it’s just making things like this much more confusing. Why not make the animated movies into this same continuity?

            There’s plenty to build on, what is Kyle Reiner doing at the green Lantern corpse? and both Star Saphire and Sinistro is in this, but are never explained, you can totally build on that. You could absolutely make that whole ring continuity and make the green lanterns the focus for just one movie.

            What happens next with Question and Huntress?
            Will Lex Luthor and Dark seid return, and what would be the consequences of that?
            How’s Supergirl doing in the future with her new boy friend?
            What happened in between Justice League and Batman Beyond? Where is the justice league in Batman Beyond?

            You can absolutely make the direct to DVD movies in same continuity! And actually, you can give the direct to DVD movies a bigger budget and release them in cinema, and WHAMO! there’s your justice league movie! every-body happy! you wont be compared to Marvel because this continuity came before theres and the potential for more subtle plots a lot greater because you have all this pre-established stuff you can build on.

            So yeah.. what’s the hold up? 

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            And the movies could even include important stock footage points like in in JLU with the “Previously seen” plot points (You know the narrator giving important info beforehand in case the viewer missed something) I totally think that would work for JLU movies.

            I also think Marvel should do that for us Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes fans that want a conclusion to the Surter Saga…have a fucking movie for Surter damnit!  EMH: Surter Saga sounds like a movie that would be epic!

          •  Lol, I remember, that, it was really freaky. If I remember correctly, they wanted the whole computer thing to be Braniac, but…I dunno, actually. The third and fourth Superman films were just duds, as anyone can see just by reading the recaps on this very sight.

            And maybe I will, when I find the time. Put ’em up on youtube or something…

          • Sofie Liv

             Well, to give a fair warning. It’s a very time consuming process, viewer-ship is not a guarantee (thought making it about superheroes usually helps) your first videos are bound to be flawed, every-bodies first videos are, and it’s harder than it looks to hang in there.

            Btw, have an addition to your prior sentence.

            when the Earth needs saving, they go to the Justice League. When the Justice League needs saving, they go to Batman. When Batman needs saving, he goes to god damn Alfred!

            yeah I just saw Justice League doom again, Alfred; “Made you chicken soup, you can eat that while you brood.” he basically just grounded Batman XD

            Alfred is awesome, and Batman would have been so dead without him so much sooner..

          •  Lol, I haven’t seen any of the more recent DC animated movie releases, but Justice League Doom, Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns all look amazing, I have to go out and by all of them when I have the money.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            The best is easily Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.  Under the Red Hood is also quite excellent.  Superman/Batman: Public Enemies has such a jarringly different animation style that you either like or you hate, not much middle ground.  Also the story kind of gets really weird; won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet.  I wasn’t much of a fan of Crisis on Two Earths however.  I found it kind of dragged on a bit too long. 

            Still when it comes to animated movies, DC is still WAY far ahead of Marvel in that regard.

          • Sofie Liv

             Well, I have to say all of them have excellent animation which is up and above TV quality.

            My biggest complaint, which goes for all of them, is that their scripts could have used a bit of polishing.

            Don’t get me wrong, Batman under the red hood was good, but it wouldn’t have hurt with script polishing to make the story a bit more straight-forward and not let it stray that much.
            Superman/Batman apocolypse, it really jumps from point to point pretty abruptly, and ones again, this could have been fixed with a bit of pre-production polishing.

            I get that these are direct to DVD movies, there-fore the budget isn’t the biggest and they need to be created kind of efficient.

            The teams behind the movies are clearly talented and passion-filled, it’s just a shame they never get more time to their pre-production to make more held together finished products. Every single movie is worth a watch though, and I do recommend for superhero geeks to do that.

          •  Oh, I’ve seen all of those. Public Enemies was great. Apocalypse, as Sofie says, jumps from point to point too fast. A lot of great action, but some of the story is way under developed. Were we supposed to care about what happened to Kara’s friend? How did Darkseid manage to brainwash Kara so easily? How did Superman get her out of it?

            Under the Red Hood was more or less perfect to me, one of the best Batman films out there.

    • Animikean

       In the clip she used that WAS Hal Jordan, for like a minute of the episode from “The Once and Future Thing part 2” (you give me an episode with McGinnis I’m going to remember it) because there were unstable time/temporal/reality shifts.

      Oh and thanks Sofie for bringing up the switch from a more classic Hawkman character to Hawkgirl (and it totally worked) it reminded me of Muppet Babies before it that also added a tomboy red head girl the the show to keep it from being so oddly imbalanced. (and now I have odd but adorable fan art idea, darn you Sofie one more thing to draw!)

      • Sofie Liv

        Yay! I love drawings of me! :3

        Well, with the muppets I can’t help but think it’s more a matter of circumstance than intention that they were only one big female lead and so many males, it’s just because they talented puppeteers they had were male, in their first season there also was a woman, but she left the show.  They honestly also tried to introduce more females as the show went on, but none of them really stuck on.

        Jim Henson actually were big on diversity and wanted to bring diversity into it, which is also why he didn’t hesitate bringing Kevin Clash, a huge black man, on-board as muppeteer rather easily, which clearly payed off as Kevin Clashs character “Elmo.” has become the most popular character on Sesame street. (yeah, it’s an enourmus black dude steering Elmo, try and imagine that.)
        Muppets just are a creation of the talented people they had at hand of the time, and those people just happened to be male.

        Like for instance, I could go on saying. “Why are women under representented in enternet videos? why don’t they win more stuff, BLEH!” well, there just aren’t so many women at hand wanting to do this, and not so many women up on the same technical level as the guys, and that’s just how it is and it’s just circumstance… Also I am not really complaining, makes me stand out more.

        How-ever, in a cartoon show like this where the process is difference, you first write the script then go on a casting call, and ultimately decide how many there will be of each gender, there is really no excuse to not try and attempt to even matters out.
        And this show did indeed even matters out, not only were there hawkgirl as an extra female main, but there’s a lot of female guest characters and villains, cudos to this show for doing that!

        (It was also always my theory that the real reason they used Jon Stewart instead of Kyle Reiner or Hall Jordan was to have a black guy in the ensemble cast, on the earliest draft of the show it was Kyle Reiner, but then they also had Cyborg as their resident black guy, and you know, ones again I have to give the show cudos for the efford to genuinly even things out like that.)

    • Animikean

       (please ignore the part where I argued with you, missed where you said it was Hal in the clip)

  • Wait…THIS came out in 2011??? But…but I remember it being older! O__O…was Justice League Unlimited aired entirely LAST YEAR? Woah…I lost track of time.

    • Sofie Liv

       It came out in 2001, just as the title of the video says, I’m afraid you read it wrong dearest.

      Here, have a cookie, it’s all okay little mexican, it’s all okay.

      • No, I typo’d it, and originally put the original airdate as Nov 17, 2011, which is why Jerry is confused. My bad, yo.

        • Sofie Liv

           Haha lol, well would have been weird that I could litterately remember growing up with this show and never missing it Saturday morning while I was 11-16 years old, if it only came out last year X)

          Mistakes happen, I make them all the time, just look below as its pointed out that I say it’s Hall Jordans Origin we see in Superman Tas, when in fact it’s Kyle Reiners XD

  • Mike

    Was kinda surprised you didn’t mention the John Carter of Mars reference when you brought up the War of the World’s and Body Snatchers references (The astronaut who was switched by the invaders was named “J. Carter”

    • Sofie Liv

       That’s because I did not catch that.. and now I am ashamed.
      Should have caught the reference to the mother of all modern sci-fi and fantasy tale creating the template for what would in the future become Star Wars and all of that, damn. Well, just goes to proof ones again this show is awesome and created by geeks for geeks, which is sweet!

  • Alex Krajci

    My Favorite Superhero Of All Time Is Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El).