RAW FEED: Just NO: Meghan Trainor's Dear Future Husband

Don’t get mad, I’m just here to destroy all the penises or something.

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  • Going by the lyrics of Dear Future Husband, I’m guessing that she’s advocating Traditionalism, personally I rather see a lot more Reverse Traditionalism with the wife being the main breadwinner while the husband stays home and does the main child-rearing, if we encourage enough married men to leave their jobs to become stay-at-home husbands, then even more women can fill those jobs and force any possible wage-gap to shrink if not disappear.
    Of cause this requires men to put their egos aside to become stay-at-home fathers while turning a woman’s career from being optional to an obligation but if that’s what it take…

  • David F White

    This is the most Convoluted argument I have ever heard!!! Dude, America has been going Retro-regressive for over 25 years!!! Personally I think Pretty Woman is far more offensive (if only for the fact that is more recent than Gone with the wind!!!)

  • Danielle Osgan

    While I see your point, I respectfully disagree.