VIDEO: Jurassic Park III (2001)

With Jurassic World breaking records at the box office, lets take a look at the most divisive entry in the series.

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  • CaptainCalvinCat

    I have to say, I liked that movie, but I liked Lost World, too – I have no quarrel with those movies being a bit over the top and unrealistic, because… as you already pointed out, Cecil – they are movies.

  • Alexa

    Well one things for sure Jurassic Park 3 is way better than Jurassic World, just based on the fact that the makers of JP 3 didn’t need to shoe horn in that career driven women are lame and must have babies, or some other sexist dreck. But whatever dinosaurs and stuff 😛

    • Gallen_Dugall

      I’m astounded that JW gets hit for that and yet Jupiter Acsending in which the entire moral of the story is “don’t concern yourself over major problems in the world just put your mind in neutral and make babies” got a pass. The frequency in which this “CONFORM!!!” theme shows up in film and movies these days is just horrifying. I couldn’t watch more than the pilot for “Last Man of Earth” because it’s the same thing.
      I suspect there’s a bunch of people in film/television who are desperately trying to justify their life decisions by making products that glorify the default assumed benefits of conforming.

      • Greenhornet

        I grew up with the “rebels” of the sixties who constantly screamed “I’m doing my own thing!” while acting, dressing, talking and thinking like millions of other “rebels”. These are the people who now demand conformity with their views (Calling it “diversity”) since they are in power.
        PS: I prefer Conan Doyle’s “Lost World”.

      • Alexa

        Well I haven’t seen JA, buy from what I’ve heard that movie does have a lot of sexist elements, I.e. Mila Kunis bring constantly kidnapped and what not. But still the whole part of Howard’s char being bombarded that she’s failing at life by several people cuz she’s focused on her career and doesn’t want to have kids is total bullshit. At least with JA there seems to be a ton of ridiculous elements to dull the pain of the sexist undertones. Its not much but Ill take it with a bunch of clueless writers telling me that Chris Pine is cooler by default cuz he’s a man and they know best even though Howard’s character showed she can kick ass, but it doesn’t count cuz she’s got lady parts 😛

        • Gallen_Dugall

          As usual I don’t call JA sexist because it’s really just god awful writing and calling it sexist elevates it to the level of having an agenda which would require that it at some point had a thought. That is in general my problem with the ease at which people throw around that term as well as misogynist. More often than not it’s just deliberate juvenile lowest common denominator writing and claiming that it’s anti-woman is giving it far too much credit.
          It’s like the W-skis heard about this “strong female character” stuff and said “how hard could that be?” but then just took the stereotypical female character as object to be fought over, said “look now she’s the protagonist” and once they were done realized that the male character was still the protagonist and through rewrites made him ever more dull in the hope that people would simply stop noticing him.
          Sometimes bad writing is the reason.
          Haven’t seen Jurassic World as the reviews make it clear that they edited out all the character stuff to the point of being nonsense in order to appeal to the masses. A complete version that actually explores characters in some shallow way that makes simple sense (you know, a story) is a possibility as an extended edition home video release. Having a character realize that their life is empty without children isn’t inherently a bad character arc if it is developed in some way which allegedly it was and then that got edited out for more running and screaming.
          Sometimes bad editing is the reason.
          That no one catches this kind of thing and says “Hey this is stupid, insulting, and just plain wrong.” I think is fair game for a “sexist” label but even then we’re talking about film execs and attributing them qualities beyond “volume of cocaine consumption” might be giving them too much credit as well.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Just to clarify something- when terms like “misogynist” and “racist” are thrown around, they are usually referring to social structures and behaviour and not intent (though they may infer intent from those things, rightly or wrongly, in a “doing nothing is endorsing” sort of mindset).

            So “deliberate juvenile lowest common denominator writing” would be considered sexist by some people, even if nobody was actually trying to be anti-women when they wrote it- the “misogyny” claims usually mean “they should have known better” or “they are blinded by privilege” or “they just didn’t care”, etc.

            As for Jupiter Ascending, I think the main reason it gets praised more than it deserves is that it came out about a week or two before 50 Shades of Grey, and people who hated 50 Shades said “see Jupiter Ascending instead”, even if they weren’t particularly wild about the film.

          • Gallen_Dugall

            Terms which define a state of mind always imply intent. People who throw them around using them in the “I’m offended” form are just plain misusing the words, and the reason words are being substituted for the phrase “I’m offended” is because it was overused to the point where it became a bad joke due to people with attention seeking disorders. The world quickly stopped caring that people were offended so serious issues like sexism, misogyny and patriarchy have been co-opted by these ASD people, and that’s wrong on many levels and no one should get a pass doing that.

    • danbreunig

      I completely forgot about that shoehorn moment until you said it, and now it’s the one non-dinosaur-themed detail I remember most. I just saw it as a reflection of her own specific situation rather than moviemakers cramming in a “moral” for any one group. Still, it will never make me cringe as much as that “they all look the same” moment at the end of Volcano.

      I’ll have to take Jurassic 4 over 3 though. Part 3 just felt so much of a tired trilogy with an expectant “let’s do it and get it overwith” element. I’ll give it another look though with a fresher perspective, not least of all because Cecil said so. 🙂

      • Alexa

        It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if nearly every single character was getting on her ass about how lame she is cuz she has no interest in kids. In the first film it was just Laura Dern questioning Sam Neil…

  • Gallen_Dugall

    3 was the victim of binary “best-ever/worst-ever” mentality. Frankly I found 2 unwatchable to the point where I don’t think I’ve ever managed to sit through it.

    • writebrain

      3 is way better than 2, which has characters you actively want to die. The first one is a bit overrated imo; it has a horrible script but Spielberg put the film on his back in a way that he hadn’t done in a long time up until that point.

  • Greenhornet

    So they changed the original story from one that made sense to a contrived load of “why?”.

    WHY did they parasail near a restricted island? WHY wasn’t there guards on or near the island to keep idiots away? WHY did they have to lie to the hero to get his aid? (He would have looked like an SOB if he had refused) WHY didn’t they ask the owners of the island for help? (Oh yeah, they were EEEVIL! businessmen) WHY did the guy steal a dino egg since dinosaurs can be cloned and thus are no longer rare? WHY are paleontologists not selling their left nuts for a chance to get on the island? And WHY is no one concerned with the fact that pteranodons have been seen LEAVING THE ISLAND in 2 + 3?

    • Gallen_Dugall

      In answer to one of your questions it is important to note that the dinos aren’t dinos in this setting – they’re genetically modified frogs. Explains a lot of science questions in the story like why they didn’t have feathers.
      Pretty much everything else is just stuff that happened off screen and logic in a fantasy is generally unimportant to the story. Just realize that any answer they do give you is basically a variation on “pixie-faeries did it”.

      • Greenhornet

        Well, OK.
        PS: “Allen!”

        • Gallen_Dugall


    • Justin D.

      You also forgot about the “what” moments; like what killed the guy driving the speedboat at the beginning? Was it Spinosaurus? That thing was able to swim that far from the island? What was to stop it from swimming to Costa Rica, which these movies keep telling us these islands are near? If not Spinosaurus then what? Was there some other marine reptile out there not bound by land that could just swim to wherever and start eating beach goers? What money did William H. Macy use to pay those mercs, Alan, and whatever contacts in the Costa Rican government he would have needed to get a plane past security blockades around the islands if all he owned was a paint and tile company?

      • Greenhornet

        Precisely. Put the movie into the “it could have been better” category. In the 1925 “Lost World” there is a deleted scene where the “great white hunter” and the “girl looking for her father” (Sorry, I forgot their names) hold a service for the missing explorer. It would have been great if in JP3 they discover that the kid HAD BEEN surviving, but died in some accident before they could reach him. The funeral service would have been touching/tragic and allowed an opportunity for emotional acting by the cast.

  • Ares Lancaster

    “Realism” is a word that i think is over-used when describing movies like this. The word that SHOULD be used is “verisimilitude,” a sense of internal logic… Bearing this in mind, JP III is crap because of the failure to adhere to that internal logic. In the Spinosaur phone scene how is it possible for a dinosaur who (according to Dr. Grant) “sounds bigger” and is visibly bigger (and therefore, heavier) than T-Rex to step so lightly that only the ringing of the phone IN IT’S STOMACH can be heard? And why is it in it’s stomach undigested when it was eaten (along with it’s prior holder) much earlier in the movie? Also if it’s so deep within the Spinosaur’s bowels, how could Grant or the kid hear it so clearly?

    Regarding the dream sequence, taken out of context it does seem out of place and ridiculous. But WITHIN context, it’s needless. We didn’t need that scene for two reasons: 1) Grant had a mini-flashback earlier in the movie when the other paleontologist demonstrated the Velociraptor vocal chamber, and 2) the line “No force on Earth or Heaven could get me onto that island.” And, worst of all, the scene isn’t funny and comes out of left field. As for JP2’s gymnastics vs. Velociraptor scene? At least IT had a set up as a sort of Chekhov’s Gun, as opposed to hammering in a point we already knew. Yes, it was ridiculous, but better set up.

    Also, why did the ex-husband/wife team need to lie to Grant about going to Site B? Wouldn’t telling him the truth have been a bit more conducive to their cause?

    “…after seeing it again, i seriously have no idea why people dismiss it so frequently.”

    Because, when you get down to it, it’s a movie that shouldn’t exist. in fact, it’s a movie that kind of KNOWS it shouldn’t exist. It’s got nothing really to say about anything. JP1 had a message about tampering with genetics. JP2, while ham-fisted and clunky about it, had a message about naturism and cloned animals-as-property. JP3 was a dinosaur/effects showcase; no more, no less.

    The pacing is quicker because there’s nothing really connecting the scenes; it feels like it wants to get itself over and done with. The characters, aside from Dr. Grant, are more likeable because there’s nothing there to get us to hate them… Or like them… Or feel ANYTHING for them. Their story is back-filled in as an attempt to get us to sympathize with them, but it fails because it’s clear from their respective performances that they kind of don’t really want to be there. Either that or they were really trying, which opens up a new set of problems… And I hate to be the one to say this, but the effects don’t hold up. In the years between JP1 and 3, the eyes of the audience have gotten more discerning between Practical puppeteering and Digital effects; and if the audience can tell the difference between the two…then the filmmakers didn’t do their jobs.

    All of this, paired with the aforementioned violations of internal logic (of which, there are too many for me to go into) is why JP3 gets so much hate as it does.

    • The_Stig

      Realism is overrated. You know why movies aren’t based on real life? Because real life sucks. Sometimes it’s awesome, but it mostly sucks.