VIDEO: Juno (2007)

BONUS! A completely unrelated mini-review of a cartoon from Mendo’s childhood:

Mr. Mendo is joined by co-host Sursum Ursa to review Juno, the Best Picture nominee starring Ellen Page as a Sunny D-guzzling pop culture reference machine who gets knocked up by Michael Cera and decides to give the baby up to Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman. Correction: Ursa reviews the movie, while Mendo unleashes a torrent of mindless self-indulgence, complete with cameos from Johnny Oldschool, the Unusual Suspect, Liam AKA Cheapus, Joey Tedesco as Dr. Rockso, a musical interlude from Full of Questions, and a special appearance by Robert Million as the Log Lady. Yes, all of this happens during the review. Honest to blog.


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