VIDEO: Journey (2012)

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This time, Sofie plays something which truly is special.

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    Okay, I admit it- that was beautiful.

    I’ll give this a try, based on what I’ve seen here- its a girl, a young girl, and its a fantasy land she’s in. She’s exploring some long abandoned ancient land, the forgotten remnants of an ancient advanced or magical civilization. She is on a quest, trying to find some mysterious….something, that was lost long ago. Maybe something that will save someone she cares about.

    Of course as you say no answer is better than the other…but that’s loser talk. I haven’t played this game, but we both know my story is right. :p

    • Sofie Liv

      You should play it, everybody should to get any sense of how far video game has come.

      It’s also so far the only video game to have been nominated at the oscars, for the music! So well… damn.

      Also well deserved.

      You just always insist on being right don’t you? -_-;

      • Jonathan Campbell

        “You just always insist on being right don’t you? -_-;”

        You’d think it would annoy people but I’m sure it doesn’t.

        I might have played it, but my brother has my PS3, and I’m usually working a lot, and I have a list of other excuses.

        But it will stay in the back of my head and I might get round to it, one day. It does look like an interesting game.

        Come to think of it, your show is more evil than any other gamer review show out there.

        Those ones usually tell you why most games suck and don’t waste your money but you want us to get EVERY game you review, and we’d all be broke.

        Stop shoving good games in our faces. We have bills to pay, you know.

        • Sofie Liv

          Well you know, look at the positive side.
          Thus far the games I have reviewed are small titles, indie games. They are very cheap.

          Hell for “Thomas was alone.” and “Limbo.” you don’t even need a consol for it! A free steam account on the computer you already have and then ten dollars BAM! a couple of hours of fun.

          Journey is the one game where you actually need a consol, however if you already have it, the game is very cheap on Vita. And it’s not a very long game, it’s a game that’s supposed to be played in one continues sit through so you really can absorb the flow and atmopshere of the game.
          It’ll take an afternoon tops, of course that is not counting any replays, and the replay value is in fact huge.

          Also, that is kind of the point of this series. Because it’s true, everybody IS focusing on all of the negative aspects of gaming right now.
          I wanna focus on the positive side of things, because games are bloody amazing!

          …And lately i’ve been stuck playing “Fantasy Life.” on the 3DS……
          When you compare that to the games I have reviewed, this one takes hours and hours and hours and hours!
          And that’s a positive thing, it’s a very good RPG. But yeah, sooooo addictive, so many hours I spend on that thing.

          I GOT VIDEOS I NEED TO MAKE DAMMIT GAME! Why are you so addictive?!

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Actually, I DO have a Steam account, but I haven’t been able to log into it. Password and username problems or something, and the e-mails they’ve sent me to fix it aren’t helping at all.

            Well, like I said, I don’t have much time or opportunity to play games at this particular moment, but its something I’ll get round to eventually. I do generally prefer the simpler games I think- I enjoy RPG’s and like getting engrossed in the stories, but somehow I rarely have the patience to finish them.

            (But that’s what YouTube is for…..)

          • Sofie Liv

            Hmm… sounds weird. And you’re sure it’s not because you have a bad enternet connection when you try?
            Steam needs a pretty good enternet connection to work.

            So I hear, I’m an RPG nut myself, and my kind of obsessive mind is that so when I start something I like, i’ll continue obsessively until I finished.
            But having discussed RPG gaming with a lot of people, it seems to me your sentiment is more common than mine.

            most people tell me they would be interested in RPG’s, but don’t have the patience for them, and when they tried to play something they didn’t finish it.

            Which of course is a bit sad to me.
            There’s a huge difference in RPG games of course, there are bad and good just like all other genres, and well, most RPG’s are just there in the middle.
            The really good ones you do have to go search a bit more for, but they are there, and for a lot of different tastes and preferences to.

            But then it’s good there are other games to, games that doesn’t take nearly as much time but can be a way to spend an afternoon differently. A game like this, or Limbo.
            I kind of think. “Thomas was alone.” is a game I would like to show my mother, she always spend that half an hour a day sitting with her Ipad playing candy crush and so on, I think she would enjoy Thomas was alone, for her half an hour a day video game relaxing.
            Kind of like how people used to solve cross words she’s playing Facebook games, lol XD

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Okay, so, apparently, the problem was that I was trying to log into the website, and I forgot that I didn’t actually HAVE Steam on this laptop and needed to install it.

            In other words, I’m an idiot.

            I think part of my problem with RPG’s is that I’m usually much more interested in the actually story than in levelling up (fun though that is) and playing the game. I can usually stick to it for days, but if its just taking too long, my concentration drifts.

            Also, I usually get stuck at some fight or another and I guess I’m just not that good-there’s that too.

            Only RPG I remember finishing was the original Suikoden, though I got VERY near the end of Final Fantasy VII. But that last damn fight with Sephiroth…..

            I admit I’ve kind of drifted away from games a bit these last couple of years, but they are always in the back of my mind. Now I’ve got Steam again, I’ll see if I’m willing to spend my precious Pounds on anything.

          • Sofie Liv

            Haha! Don’t worry though, it’s the kind of idiot thing I would do.

            I tend to do stuff like that, all the freaking time, my mind is kind of a drifter mind!

            Yeah then you wouldn’t like Fantasy Life, that’s a game build up upon the idea that the side quest and job building is more important than the story and has its focus there.
            “Ni No Kuni.” though… it has a pretty good pace in story, a brilliant story to boot, wonderful world to explore a fighting system that doesn’t feel tedious and well.. it’s just the RPG of the decade in my mind <_<

          • Jonathan Campbell

            By the way if I start getting addicted to playing games on Steam and can’t get anything more important done, or end up spending all my money, its all your fault.

            Just so you know.

          • Sofie Liv

            You’re welcome

  • E-Bon

    Journey just looks so good. Ugh, so many games/consoles, not nearly enough time/money…

    • Sofie Liv

      Know the feeling :/

  • Sardu

    This game is fantastic. I play it with my 10 year-old daughter. She also loves playing online and the way you can collaborate with a total stranger. It’s just a really positive game. We like Flower as well. Not every game has to be a testosterone drenched killing-fest (not that there’s anything wrong with that *lol*) Back in the day my all time favorite game was Myst. BTW I also think Limbo is an excellent game- I love its macabre sense. The first time the boy died I laughed out loud, and then I felt really bad inside afterward. Oddly Sofie you’ve been on a roll lately with games I like; I don’t game much.

    • Sardu

      BTW I never took it for granted that the character is a girl. It seems designed so that anyone who plays will be the same.

      • Sofie Liv

        I think the character is meant to be genderless, by design.
        You can make up your own ideas about it… again I thought it was an alien! and the entire world you play in is compleately alien. and as such it’s just natural that the figure looks different than what a human would, because it’s just that alien to a human.

        Thanks, well I just look at the games which catches my interest and I think is actually worth looking into.
        With all the stuff that has gone on recently, I can’t help but think every body has been kind of stuck in just one aspect of games while in reality, the entire spectrum is SO MUCH wider.
        When I walked to a game exspo here in Denmark last month, how many testorone game did I encounter from those game developers.

        Here comes a shocker, brace yourself… none.

        That’s right! Zero! I tried out and saw a whole number of indie games, all different ranging between RPG to inspired by minecraft, to platformer to this thing called. “Terminal Vertigo.” where I got some weird goggles on and headphonse over the head, and then exsperienced the simulation that I was walking over tall buildings, and my direction was controlled by how I turned my head… and it worked! I was scared as shit, it really felt like I was untop of a freaking high tall building walking on a line over the air…. scary shit.

        Games are kind of like movies, we have the big “Mainstream block busters.” which is more likely to pander down and so on.

        And then there is all of the rest! which is in reality a much bigger marked and is where all the interesting stuff is going on.. i’m just trying to broaden the horizont a little bit 🙂

        And your girl is lucky she has such a great mom whom wants to play games with her! 😀

        • Sardu

          Mom encourages her gaming habits as well… but I’m dad 😉 And you’re right, I’m entirely about Indie games, that’s where interesting things are happening. It’s a perfect analogy to movies. And music too really.

          • Sofie Liv

            Ah! Sorry! …. I guess your username just sounded kind of feminimn to me… I don’t know why I assumed that. I just did.

            Oh yes indeed! Any medium that something going for it!

            Comic books, movies, music, television shows, ordinary books. anything that tells a story really.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            “Ah! Sorry! …. I guess your username just sounded kind of feminimn to me… I don’t know why I assumed that. I just did.”

            Tsk, tsk, Sofie.

            I hope you’re ashamed of yourself.

  • I’d say its some magical rite of passage for some mystic race or secret order and the growing scarf is a symbol of that passage, like a tattoo or a medal.

  • Man, I wish this was on Vita. I don’t have a PS3/PS4, so, yeah…

  • danbreunig

    Reminds me so much of this song, since it feels appropriate soundtrack-wise. And I just love The Police.

    Nothing about gaming really, just the atmosphere the games produce, which is what I take away most from the game reviews.

  • Moppet

    I’ve played this game repeatedly, and to say I adore it does not extensively explain my feelings toward it, but it’s close enough. I’ve read many reviews, seen videos and read articles on this game before, that eventually got me to try Journey out in the first place but some of the points you made here, I’ve not heard before. It’s always nice to find another view on something I enjoy, but finding something new is why I like places like the Agony Booth. I may not agree with every last bit I come across, but it keeps me on my toes, which is for the best.

    Journey was the first game on the Playstation 3 that got me to max out its trophies, something I’m not typically prone to. Most trophies, for me, are busy work, that require you go outside of playing the game and do work, rather than have fun. Journey’s trophies were the exact opposite of that experience, they were awarded for doing things I wanted to do, and enjoyed doing, within the at a base. The trophies were tied into that Journey, that drive to just explore and experience the world, to take it all in.

    Journey in itself is an exceptional game, but I think how it handled its achievements is also something I wish other developers would take note of. Not because achievements matter much, nor at all really, but just to point out that there’s a better way to implement such things, if they must be there in the first place. Mind you, it’s entirely possible to just ignore achievements playing this, or any game, so what I mean here is that I wasn’t really trying to achieve Journey’s achievements – I got them for doing what the game inspired me to do at a base – which says something exceptional (to me) about its design in addition to the many other notable aspects of the game.

    Thank you for the video, enjoyable as always.

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah, video game developers really should look more at each other and try to learn on a actual interlectual basis.

      They do run into the same problem as movies kind of where they go. “Oh hey look! Massive world building and the option of choices sell games! I don’t know how they do it, but lets advertise with the same thing!”
      …. Guys… Bioware has developed a highly unique system in these things that none has been able to replicate, and it takes dedication to… wait you are not even listening to me are you? Sigh… fine, make your crappy knock off game, i’ll keep my eye on the people who actually cares -_-;

  • I feel like I would disagree with you regarding your feelings about the story or lack thereof here. I do like to come to my own conclusions, but I prefer it to be a challenge or a mystery; something that will be proved wrong or right at the end. Coming up with my own story but never having a “correct” response to compare it to would lessen the experience for me.

    Your description of this does give me an idea, though: a game where the story changes upon replaying. I don’t mean something like a Bioware game where elements change based on your actions; I mean something like the Cabin in the Woods of video games. Not quite a choose your own adventure, but something where your worldview, etc, influences what the story is. There are a few ways this could be done, but it would be really interesting to map out how such a thing could work. If I didn’t have all of my free time for the next month dedicated to Pokemon Omega Ruby, I’d be drawing up a spreadsheet right now.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well again, that deeply depends on what the given game is actually going for isn’t it?

      I mean in Mario, it’s not exactly the epiphany of story telling, but neither is it meant to.. Go rescue princess, it’s your motivation for the platform jumping you are actually doing…. we could give any crappy motivation but what ever, off you go!

      This particularly game, is all about exsperience, through these different images, sounds and controls, and through these sheer exsperiences, you make up your own mind.

      Bioshock infinity is ALL about the mystery and the story, where you start of litterately being dropped down into a huge vipers nest and only slowly finds out how it connects, which also draws you into the game and the atmopshere, making an entire thriller out of it.

      It’s ALL about what this particular game is trying to do, because there are just so many different games to choose from, and so many different genres.
      So really… it all depends.

  • $36060516

    Light up a joint for me, Sophie!

    • Sofie Liv

      Sure thing dude.