It Is Joni Mitchell’s 70th Birthday Today And You All Need To Bow Down

Joni Mitchell turned 70 today, which is weird since in our minds she is perpetually 26-ish and looks like this:


…but now she is 70 and you guys, she looks fucking AMAZING.

It Is Joni Mitchell's 70th Birthday Today And You All Need To Bow Down

Seriously, she is aging gracefully and gorgeously and if you disagree we’ll probably just cut you.

Here are some Joni Mitchell songs we like, but “Circle Game” is not here because the Editrix said she hated the song with the children on the carousel.

…and even though it is not yet the holiday season, no matter what retailers might think:

BONUS: just so you, too, can spend the rest of your day in a YouTube hole, the communists at CBC TV have put their entire interview with Joni from earlier this year online:

and there are a couple full concerts on there too:

We know what we’re doing the rest of the afternoon.

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