Jon Stewart Has Feelings About Lady Politicians And Their Hysterical Emotions (Video)

Jon Stewart gets at the very important issue of sexism in politics with “breaking news from the inside of another human being” — that is, Chelsea Clinton’s Politically Meaningful Baby, the grandchild that could make all the difference for Hillary Clinton’s possible campaign, or be completely meaningless — except to Darrell Issa, who “has already subpoenaed the baby to testify about Benghazi.” Stewart replies to an ABC News voice-over asking, “Could it put a bump in Hillary’s 2016 plans, and is it sexist to ask?”

“No, silly-billy, of course it’s not sexist, even though it’s a question that has never ever been posed to a male candidate ever.”

After all, it was never asked of Mitt Romney, and that man has “a grandchild petting zoo” — yet somehow, the “grandchild factor” never got mentioned when he ran against Barack Obama (who, it is true, has no grandchildren, but does Stewart even mention that some of Obama’s grandparents weren’t Americans, and that was an issue? So much for your purported “sexism,” Mr. Stewart! Racism wins! USA! USA! USA!). By golly, Stewart confides, it’s almost as if men and women are not treated the same, somehow.

As another example, Stewart brings up the bitchy, hormonally unbalanced cattiness of former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who speculated that Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s motives for releasing a report on the CIA’s torture program were just “emotional.” So why should we trust information about the efficacy of torture if it came from someone who was all emotional, right?

Anyway, Stewart acknowledges, you just wouldn’t want anyone in a position of leadership who gets all emotional and weepy, or angry, or who just storms away or rants at you in a fit of petty bitchiness — followed, of course, by clips of male politicians doing all of those things.

Man, it’s like Jon Stewart has a double standard against men or something.

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