Jon Stewart Wants To Know Why All These Euro-Americans Are Freaked Out By That Coke Ad

After nearly a week,  the poutrage over that Coca-Cola ad in wrong languages hasn’t abated much. Jon Stewart wonders what the fuss was about — possibly the ad’s “dangerous levels of schmaltz”? No, it’s all that scary foreign talk in an ad with a bunch of brown people. How dare they desecrate our national anthem! And so The Daily Show takes on the complete idiocy of complaining that there’s something un-American about the iconography of “attractive immigrants” (and Native Americans, but let’s not quibble — non-English equals furrin) singing “America the Beautiful” while drinking Coca-Cola.


And Coke, for its part, will be airing an extended version of the ad during tonight’s Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Oh, fine, then, we’ll applaud a gigantic corporation. Won’t be the first time.

Also worth catching today! Jon Stewart interviews Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle about her book on Rob Ford, appropriately titled Crazy Town. And over at the Colbert Report, Steven Colbert talks to Paul Krugman about why Obamacare is not fascist or communist — go watch it and have a Keynesgasm!

Extra Bonus video: Bob Costas said “Pussy Riot” while wearing funny glasses and squinting because he has an eye infection or something like that. He was trying to cover the Serious Implications of Sochi, but of course, he looked funny doing it, and so, DANCE REMIX!

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