Jon Stewart Drops Cluster Of F Bombs on V.A. Clusterf**k (Video)

Jon Stewart was in full Rant Mode on Monday’s The Daily Show, driven to his swear jar by the recent revelations of patient waiting lists at Veterans Administration hospitals. The problem, he says, is that we’re really good at thanking veterans for their service, but not so great at actually providing them with the services we said they deserve. To make matters worse, the perverse structure of the performance incentives allowed hospitals to game the system by submitting records that made it look like they were providing care, without actually providing that care, in an effort to, as one memo put it “get off the [V.A.’s] bad boys list.” Unfortunately, says Stewart, that also qualified them for another list: “The Big Book of Assholes.” (Stewart does graciously apologize to the guy in the stock photo, explaining that that’s just the picture that comes up when you Google “asshole.”)

Maybe what’s needed is a change in strategy. If we can afford a trillion off-budget dollars to send people halfway around the world to a war of choice, maybe that would solve the V.A.’s problems:

It’s clear love and respect ain’t getting the job done. So there’s really only one way to put our government’s full resources behind anything: If we really want to improve the lives of these veterans, I’m afraid we have to declare war on them. Congress, write a blank check to fund Operation Enduring Waitlist: A War on Error. Because if you want Americans to feel shock and awe, you’ll fix this fucking thing.”

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