As Usual, World Went All To Hell While Jon Stewart Was On Break (Video)

As Usual, World Went All To Hell While Jon Stewart Was On Break (Video)When Jon Stewart takes a vacation, he usually returns to find that some eminently mockable story has broken while he was away. He was on break when Dick Cheney shot that guy in the face, for instance, and when Sarah Palin quit (as governor, that time). But returning from this most recent two-week break, Stewart thinks the entire world has gone mad: the border crisis, the Republicans suing Obama, Iraq falling apart as ISIS takes over huge parts of the country, and for those who prefer the taste of “Catastrophe Classic,” Hamas is shooting rockets ineffectually at Israel and Israel is converting large swaths of Gaza to rubble: “Tastes great, more killing.”

We’re not sure Jon Stewart should ever be allowed any more vacations, considering the chaos that ensues whenever he leaves. It even makes my problems with magical thinking get worse.


Here’s how bad it’s gotten, says Stewart:

“Things are so fucked up in our world that the two happiest places in the world are Germany and Cleveland.”

For that matter, Stewart even missed out on the Supreme Court’s decision in ‘Hobby Lobby v. Whores.” And then Jessica Williams got to define “closely-held corporations”: “Think of it like a hug. A hug that squeezes out all the sluts.”

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