Jon Stewart Literally Eviscerates Fox News, Stephen Colbert Feeds Chris Christie To Rabid Polecats

You want Clipbait? We got Clipbait! On The Daily Show, it’s Jon Stewart vs. a million and six Fox News clips, and on The Colbert Report, Stephen has a field day with Chris Christie’s press conference.

What with BridgeGahazi dominating the news and Jon Stewart being a Jersey Boy, we expected TDS to be all about Chris Christie and his 2-hour press conference. And they did get to it (“The Neverending Sorry”) after the first commercial break. But the lead story was one of those pieces TDS does so well, a facepalm-inducing collection of Fox News clips contrasting how Fox talks about scummy poor takers versus the oppressed rich folks who have to keep feeding them bon bons. Here are both parts of the segment:

Interview: Scarlett Johansson talks about her role in Spike Jonze’s Her and reassures Jon that his computer is not judging him. Much.

Over at the Report, Stephen had his take on the press conference held by “New Jersey governor and future former Republican front-runner” Chris Christie. It’s a hoot, and we bring you both parts of the segment, because it’s Friday and honestly, you weren’t going to be working anyway, were you? (Bonus Modern Art joke thrown in so people who remember their Humanities survey course can feel “in the know.”)

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

Interview: Jeff Skoll discusses his film and TeeVee production company Participant Media and its issue-oriented films: mostly documentaries (An Inconvenient Truth, Waiting for “Superman,” The Cove) but also fictional stories (Good Night and Good Luck, Contagion, The Help).

Have a great weekend; TDS and Colbert don’t tape on Fridays, so we’ll be back Tuesday.

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