Watch Jon Stewart Explainer Chris Christie’s BridgeGate; Stephen Colbert Tells You About ‘Winter’

Our Clipbait for today brings you Jon Stewart unraveling last September’s political-retribution traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge, and Stephen Colbert wrestles with this whole “it’s cold” concept.

For folks who haven’t been following BridgeGate, TDS explains what happened and why it’s such awful news for the presidential hopes of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie:

Interview: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief Richard Cordray explains what the hell his agency does in one of those Extended Interview things that Jon Stewart likes so much. (Part 1; Part 2)

Over at the Colbert Report, Stephen had a lovely compilation of some of the stupidest ways TeeVee news has come up with to demonstrate the difficult concept of “It is very cold.” The segment sort of runs out of gas at the very end when he plays prop comic himself, but watch it for the local weather dolts:

The Colbert Report
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(Not mentioned in this segment: the 50+ idiots nationwide who have scalded themselves trying the “boiling water into snow” trick — the wind blew it right back onto them.

Interview: Former child soldier Ishmael Beah, author of A Long Way Gone, a memoir about the civil war in Sierra Leone, discusses his first novel Radiance of Tomorrow.

We’ll be back with more tomorrow — keep those mousies clicking!

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