Jon Stewart Rushes To Judge The Rush To Judgment On Bergdahl (Video)

Jon Stewart Rushes  To Judge The Rush To Judgment On Bergdahl (Video)

Here’s Jon Stewart doing what he does best — sampling the great buffet of rightwing screaminess over the return of an American POW and pointing out that it’s all made out of some pretty sketchy artificial ingredients. Stewart is having a fine time taking on the Bergdullards, especially good old Bill O’Reilly, who finally explained why he said Bowe Bergdahl’s father “looks like a Muslim” — and that is, quite simply, “because he looks like a Muslim.” Or maybe Amish, but that’s not nearly as scary. Besides, says Stewart, “if you’re looking for bearded guys who killed a lot of Americans,” there’s always Abraham Lincoln. And then there’s Bob Bergdahl’s troubling advice to his son to follow his conscience, which is, actually, only troubling to people who don’t know what a conscience is.


This is a whole bunch of Stewart being Stewart. Enjoy. Also, the first clip includes a joke about Jiminy Cricket masturbating, so by golly, that’s a reason to watch.

And in the second segment, there’s even more on Bergdahl, with a smorgasbord of wingnuts telling us how everything should have happened. The sketch includes Jessica Williams, and so we are contractually required to post it, under the terms of our we-love-Jessica-Williams contract.

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