Jon Stewart Offers Therapy For Homophobic Texas GOP (Video)

Jon Stewart Offers Therapy For Homophobic Texas GOP (Video)Jon Stewart is all up on the weird move by the Texas Republican party to endorse “reparative therapy” for homosexxicans, even though the alleged therapy has been widely discredited. He also has fun with Rick Perry’s dumb idea that if alcoholics can overcome their addiction, then by golly, so can the gays. It’s really remarkably similar, after all. You know, says Stewart, it’s all about public safety:

“You’re worried a gay person, they’ll be out, they won’t be able to stop at one cock, and then after having too many cocks, get into their gaymobile and rear-end somebody? Is that what you’re worried about?”

It is funny. So watch already! Also, bask in the beauty that is Comedy Central finally, after years of splitting The Daily Show’s first segment into two unwieldy videos, finally just putting the whole glorious eight minutes together in a single vid. The started that this week, and Yr. Dok Zoom may be the only person who cares, but good on them.


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