Jon Stewart Has Open Carry Gun Nuts In His Sights (Video)

Jon Stewart summed up our national reality Thursday: “Let’s begin with guns, because this is America, and everything begins — and sometimes ends — with guns.” And so we are treated to a brief review of the recent pas de derp between Open Carry Texas and the NRA. The NRA foolishly suggested something reasonable — hey, scaring people may not win allies to our cause, and looks weird — and then the Texas gun fondlers fired back (mostly rhetorically), and ultimately the NRA apologized for saying that groups of AR-15-toting loons in fast food joints was weird. Cue the B-Roll footage of a douchey guy in a trilby hat saying “I’m about to show you how to get a Slurpee with an AK-47.” And the gun-humpers at a Chili’s where, Stewart noted, patrons suddenly had to worry about “lethal threats that aren’t smothered in cheese, pork, and ranch dressing[.]”

Also, there’s this thing of photoshopping beauty: Gun Nutz.
Jon Stewart Has Open Carry Gun Nuts In His Sights (Video)

It’s Jon Stewart ranting about three of the banes of American life: guns, fast food, and public relations. Check it out.


Also too, this delightful etiquette lesson on “2nd Amendment Do’s and Don’ts” with Daily Show new guys Jordan Klepper and Michael Che.

Klepper: “When you bring your gun to a restaurant, DO calmly inform other patrons that you’re there just to eat and not to shoot anyone.”

Che: “And when you bring your gun to a restaurant, DON’T be black.”

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