Jon Stewart On The Bush Torture Program: Cheney Lies, Rumsfeld Denies, Bush Makes Pretty Pictures

Here’s Jon Stewart with a discussion of the Senate’s report on the CIA’s “super-aggressive terrorist suspect spa treatments.” Hope he doesn’t get too emotional! Best line (we love spoilers), in response to Dianne Feinstein’s “This is not what Americans do”:

“Yes! This is not what Americans… except we did … But like with your internment camps or your whaddya call it there — slavery — America has a history of doing a tremendous amount of stuff that ‘we don’t do.’ We are a moral people… in hindsight.”

Man’s a national treasure is what he is.

And on to the people who were in charge: Dick Cheney, who insists, in contradiction of the evidence, that it wasn’t torture and we got valuable intelligence that couldn’t be obtained any other way. Or Donald Rumsfeld, who rejects the notion that there were “all these torture memos” with the brilliant riposte, “there were one or two or three,” not “all these” memos, so there. And of course, the torture kingpin, George W. Bush, who is very pleased with his new hobby as a painter.

Also, too, since Comedy Central insists on splitting TDS’s first act into two, here’s the “Bush Likes to Paint” segment, which may deserve a miniature Emmy all its own for his riff on Laura Bush’s comments about Dubya and his paintings of “Bob the cat”:

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  • Mick_Pearson

    Dubya knows how hard it is to put food on your family.

  • (((JustPixelz)))

    They are so quick to justify torture in the interest of “saving American lives”. As if that erases the immorality of torture. Lots of things will save American lives. No guns, for example, could save the equivalent of 9/11 every few weeks. Lower speed limits. Universal health care would save and prolong lives.But if torture is acceptable to save lives, why stop at waterboarding? Shoot the man’s children one-by-one in front of him until he answers our questions. It may cost a few children’s lives or the guy may not know anything. But, who knows? It could save American lives and that’s the important thing, right? (Sadly, there are a few people who won’t think I’m arguing reductio ad absurdum to make my point. Dick Cheney is obviously one of those people.)

  • sosuume

    Cheney/Rumsfeld = evil f#cks.