Jon Stewart Seems To Think The NRA Is Paranoid For Some Reason (video)

Tuesday’s Daily Show had some fun with last weekend’s NRA convention, leading off, as one must, with the WTF heard round the world, Sarah Palin’s weird joke about how waterboarding is how she’d baptize terrorists. And then he reminded us that this person was once the vice presidential candidate of one of America’s national political parties. (And don’t think we missed your borrowing of the Wonkette catchphrase “She seems nice,” Mister Jon Stewart. Fine. Now we’ll just have to put up with people saying we stole that…)


And then it’s on to the “in-no-way undermedicated” Wayne LaPierre’s red-meat speech, with its litany of all the people you might need to shoot, from multiple flavors of killers, who are everywhere, to “haters.”  But after all, it’s just reasonable to arm yourself against all the scary things out there, like, Obamacare, gay marriage, the IRS, Benghazi, and the rest of the Culture War. Stewart quite reasonably concludes that the speakers at the NRA convention must believe that only an armed populace can somehow resolve these issues, too: “The NRA Convention is like the fortune-cookie game ‘in bed,’ except here the answer is always ‘you need a gun.'” And if you don’t get what you want at the ballot box, the answer doesn’t seem to be “less ‘We need more electable candidates and a more nuanced viewpoint’ and more ‘lock and load, motherfuckers!'”

Stewart notes the gun fondlers’ lack of self-awareness, such as Marco Rubio’s lament that “they like to paint us as paranoid, bitter people,” to which Stewart replies that it’s really more of a self-portrait: “Maybe we’d find your mission less paranoid if the vision of the world you present resembled — in any way — the world.” For instance, there’s Georgia’s exciting “guns everywhere” law, which allows guns in churches, bars, and schools — but not in the Georgia state Capitol building. Makes sense!

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