Jon Stewart Mocks Sean Hannity’s ‘Shocking’ Expose of Spring Break Debauchery (Video)

Here’s Jon Stewart with the only reasonable response to the full week of coverage that Fox News’s Sean Hannity gave to the alleged horrors of Spring Break: “You will believe what they found, because you know” — drinking, sex, drinking, and sex. Still, you have to admit it takes some guts for Hannity to pretend that he has actually uncovered a shocking surprise, a mere decade after The Real Cancun made a few bucks for MTV. “Women take their tops off! … Drinking, drugs, risky behavior, sometimes with tragic results.” By golly, if one were of a cynical cast of mind, they might almost conclude that, as Stewart says, the entire 5-day exposé was “less of a news story and more of a reason to spend a week running wildly inappropriate T&A footage alongside pundits tssking said footage.”

Ah, but there was far more to it than that, says Stewart, because it also gave Fox the chance to condemn these terrible parents who enable such debauchery by funding their offspring’s spring break shenanigans. Tsk and tsk again, say members the Hannity panel, as they reminisce about their own Spring Break hijinks of yesteryear.

“So what kind of shitty parents let their kids go to spring break? Oh right, your shitty parents! You clearly don’t want kids today doing the terrible things you have such fond memories of doing.”

And right there you have a pretty good analysis of the Hannity formula — all you need to know about the moral tenor of the “investigation” is pretty much summed up by perpetual douchebro Gavin McInnes, who was apparently added to the panel just so he could proclaim that he’d never let his daughter would never be allowed to attend such sandy a den of iniquity, but he bet his sons would “have a great time.”

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  • ryp

    If you are watching Hannity for your T & A, you probably don’t have kids anyway.

  • Squirrel_t_robot

    Thank goodness Sean did the hard work of discovering women have tits.Because America.

  • $160578

    A five-day, lascivious, leering, scolding “Kids Today” rant, that’s also a Sweeps Week ratings booster.Well done, Sean, well done.

  • Rick Hill

    Their viewers are becoming so gullible and dense that I feel there will soon be a segment entitled “This is now the truth you believe”.

  • Matt Brooks
  • DeSwiss

    Okay, at 4:45 she says something about leaning back and opening up your throat? Is Hannity’s show called Faux After Dark?

  • OriGuy

    Sean Hannity at the BunnyRanch brothel in Nevada (possibly NSFW)

  • AKLynne

    The Real Cancun? Ha…I went to Fort Lauderdale the year after and because of seeing Where the Boys Are. Good times! Sex, drugs and rock & roll. Umm, actually the drugs came later, but the bars were busy.