Jon Stewart Reviews Our Long Bipartisan History Of Screwing Over Vets (Video)

Now that his initial wave of ranty anger over the Veterans Administration clusterfuck has passed, Jon Stewart brings us a brief review of our great nation’s proud history of saying nice things about veterans, promising they deserve all the support a grateful nation can provide, and royally screwing them over because actually paying for that support is not a priority. He comes down especially hard on Republicans who’ve been criticizing the Obama administration for failing to clear up the mess at the V.A., saying they’ve “always stood up for our veterans… when they think it can help them slam the president. It’s slightly different when they think no one is watching.” (So nice to see Stewart bring back his Mitch McConnell as Cecil Turtle impression, by the way). Even Bill “Beyoncé Hunter” O’Reilly called out Karl Rove on the bullshit claim that everything was just ducky with the VA under Bush:


See, this is why I like O’Reilly. He’s like Fox News’ Incredible Hulk: Sure, usually just a mindlessly aggressive force of destruction, but point it in the right direction? Becomes a hero.

And then Stewart takes us on a “jaunt down terrible memory lane,” reviewing such charming milestones as Agent Orange (and the government’s decades-long denial that it caused health problems), the “Bonus Army” of WWI vets descending on Washington to demand benefits they’d been promised and getting a full payment of tear gas and live ammo, all the way back to the denial of pensions to veterans of the Revolutionary War.

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