Jon Stewart on Bundy and Sterling: Happy Easter, Racism is Over (Video)

Even though, as we all know, racism is a thing of the past, it’s still a relief to know Jon Stewart is here to address any lingering manifestations that may pop up, like when a rightwing media darling or a billionaire sportsball team owner may very publicly let slip a few racist comments, uncharacteristic though they may be of mainstream America. And here’s Mr. Stewart summing up Donald Sterling’s attitude in just a few words: “It’s that age-old story: Yeah, I’m racist, but my dick and my wallet are not.” Stewart also gives credit where it’s due — Sterling told his girlfriend that while he didn’t want her showing up to games or being photographed with black people, but he was OK with her sleeping with them and stuff. “He is a rare creature,” says Stewart. “A racist swinger.”


And then there’s the NAACP rescinding what would have been a second lifetime achievement for Sterling’s work with local youth: “Take that, Sterling! Because of your unrepentant racism, you only get one NAACP lifetime achievement award!” That oughta show him.

He also managed to call the guy “John Sterling” ( A Mets sportscaster) and trip over the letters in NAACP.  Stewart’s so cute when he’s tongue-tied.

And then there’s the many, many reasons why nice fellows like Cliven Bundy aren’t really racists, even though the media and The Negro seem to think he is. It’s all just a matter of perception, and if any of these touchy minority folk think he’s a racist, it’s probably just a failure of Martin Luther King to have adequately said that thing about the content of their character a bit more loudly.

On the positive side, at least statements like Bundy’s and Sterling’s are universally condemned. That’s progress, says Stewart. Of course, it would be nice if there were a wider understanding of “what racism actually is.” That might help these not-racist racists understand why everyone’s calling them racist. And as a prime example of the cognitive dissonance surrounding how we talk about racism, Stewart presents a pair of Klansmen explaining why there’s a world of difference between themselves and the guy who murdered three people because he thought they were Jewish. A mere quote is insufficient; you need this screenshot:
kkk black friends
“Oh! So I guess the robes are a kind of kitsch hipster thing!”

And finally, Larry Wilmore explains the basic flaw in Cliven Bundy’s deep thoughts on race and the “government plantation” that some Republicans are so fond of decrying: “Our two choices in life are not between picking cotton and picking up welfare checks. The President of the United States is black, so fuck you.”

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