Jon Stewart Gives CNN’s Missing Plane Coverage The Hilarious Tongue-Lashing It Deserves (Video)

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show returned from vacation last night, and not a moment too soon, because we really needed Stewart to mock the unrelenting wall of nonsense that is CNN’s coverage of the missing plane. And oh, mock he did. He reminded us that things started out in a relatively sober non-ridiculous fashion, with Anderson Cooper announcing the plane was missing. But then, notes Stewart, CNN realized it had an infinity of time to kill, and they went to town. Stewart hits all the high (or low, depending on your viewpoint) points of CNN’s coverage, including:

  • The wide variety of sizes of fake planes — little! big! holographic!!
  • Don Lemon’s excruciating foray into wondering if the plane went into a black hole or to the island where “Lost” was.
  • The suggestion that using psychics might be a great idea.

Related to the last, Stewart kicked around the idea that using that octopus that correctly predicts the World Cup every year might have been an option.


Also, strapping wings to Wolf Blitzer, which is an option we endorse only if it means Blitzer flies away somewhere and gets lost too.

Stewart also reminds us that CNN’s ratings DOUBLED during this idiocy, particularly as other media began covering CNN’s coverage…and then CNN began covering other coverage of its coverage.

We weep for humanity.

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  • Dragoon21b

    The thing is…Jon Stewart didn’t go far enough…If CNN covered FOX’s coverage of their overcoverage then other networks would be obliged to cover it and then cover the coverage…before you know it you reach critical mass and the whole things explodes in a supernova of bullshit before collapsing into a mass of super dense inanity…Bam there’s you universe swallowing black hole

    • willi0000000

      i’m just surprised that nobody had it carpet-bombing Crimea.

  • kfreed

    Black hole or Bermuda Triangle? “Is it incredible, Mary?” Were I in Mary’s position, I’d have walked off set never to be seen again.