Watch Jon Stewart Imagine The Possible Bush-Clinton 2016 Matchup You’ve All Been Waiting For (Video)

Watch Jon Stewart Imagine The Possible Bush-Clinton 2016 Matchup You've All Been Waiting For (Video)

Jon Stewart spent some quality time mocking our collective fascination with discussing the 2016 presidential race, particularly as it is actually the 2014 mid-terms that are right around the corner. Never mind that! Let’s speculate about who could run! Stewart is laying even money on antibiotic resistant strep and the petrified exoskeleton of Donald Trump’s hair, which is seeming more and more like a decent possibility, but until then, endless speculation about Hillary and Jeb!


Someone went and interviewed George Bush about it, who is pretty much tabula rasa about the whole thing. Stewart notes that it is entirely possible that George forgot HE was president, much less that he is cognizant of Jeb’s intentions to run.

And Hillary, oh Hillary! Stewart points out that the news has become nothing but a ceaseless parade of people speculating whether this event or that event portends well for Hillary or was engineered by Hillary, including the rumor that Hillz is behind the Monica Lewinsky Vanity Fair profile because why on earth.

Also, Stewart admits his George Bush impression has completely gone to hell, which it has.

Man, it’s probably going to be tough for him to imitate Hillary when she swallows Jeb Bush’s head whole and becomes Queen of America.

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