Jon Stewart Napalms Fox & GOP For Selective Benghazi Outrage (Video)

As you may have noticed, the conservative politico-media nexus has shifted focus: with Obamacare Fear no longer getting much traction, they’re back to Benghazi Outrage again. And here’s Jon Stewart to answer Fox News’s repeated question: Why aren’t Americans as outraged as Fox News knows they should be? Just maybe, says Stewart, it has something to do with having very recently experienced an administration that really knew how to distort and manipulate. With Benghazi, after all, Fox seems to think that after “hundreds of cable news stories about Benghazi, 13 Congressional hearings, 50 further Congressional briefings and 25,000 pages of official findings … that if we all only knew about it — we would care.” But the only thing that we’ve heard more about in the last year and a half, says Stewart, is maybe the Kardashians.

Ah, and then this sequence, a thing of beauty: Stewart says, “You’re asking Americans to be outraged about an intelligence failure that tragically led to some Americans losing their lives” (Behind him, the briefing memo reading “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”) “And then, imagine the outrage if there had been a second intelligence failure right after that one that tragically led to even more Americans losing their lives…” (Visual: Colin Powell testifying at the UN in favor of the Iraq War). And so on. It’s a beautiful bit of juxtaposition.

And the scandal about Benghazi is supposed to stem from the Obama administration’s pushing talking points that painted Benghazi in the least damaging light for them? Seems like that’s a bit less heinous than the Bush team’s planting the aluminum tubes story in the New York Times, then using Sunday morning talk-show appearances to call attention to that story as independent confirmation of Iraq’s supposed nuclear program. “Where was the outrage?”

Not bad, Mr. Stewart. Or maybe we should say, “Mission Accomplished.”

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