Jon Stewart To Fox: Way To Welcome Home A Traveling Soldier (Video)

Jon Stewart was in fine form Monday with this segment on the not exactly unpredictable rightwing reaction to the release of Bowe Bergdahl. You’d think getting the last prisoner out of the hands of the Taliban would be a “Magnificent Wonderful Story,” but then the starting with the battle of clichés: “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” vs. “Never leave a man behind.” So, fine, it’s a Magnificent Wonderful Complicated Story. And no one has ever negotiated with terrorists, except for always:

What are you talking about? We always negotiate with terrorists! Saying we don’t negotiate with terrorists is our opening negotiation: “We are not negotiating with you terrorists … and your response is…?”

And then, of course, there’s the dogpile on Bowe Bergdahl, or as Sean Hannity called him, “Bowe Berg-DAHL”:

Is that how we’re pronouncing it now? I guess the purposeful mispronunciation of a soldier’s last name to make it sound “Arabic” is not purposeful. I mean, Sean Hannity’s not an ass-HOLE, right?

And it gets worse/funnier from there. Nicely played, Mr. Stewart.

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  • marindenver

    Becuz the F’n Rethugs are total hypocrites and will say, do or exploit anyone or thing for purposes of bashing the blackity black Kenyan Moooslin usurper occupying our WHITE HOUSE totally illegally and will try to gin every thing that happens up to an excuse to IMPEACH!!!!Any questions?

  • Force Crater

    Impeach already! I’m tired of waiting. It has been too long since Obama kicked Republic ass! I need to see some teeth gnashing and wailing on the cable tv!!! Now!!!!! Benghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazi!