Jon Stewart Tries To Distract Us From All These Obama Distractions Fox News Is Yelling About

Forget comedy; Jon Stewart is quite simply one of our best media critics, a Marshall McLuhan for stoned millennials. On Tuesday’s Daily Show, he treated us to his analysis of the pre-Super Bowl interview in which “the most powerful man in the Free World sat down with Obama” for a visit to the “Fox scandal grab bag.”


Going after Fox is a Stewart specialty, of course, and he’s in fine form in this first act of TDS, with a sparkly collection of clips showing Fox anchors accusing Obama of using nearly every event to “distract” from one scandal or another — including, of course, the notion that Obama craftily managed to “deflect the spotlight from [his] many scandals by doing an interview about them, right before the most watched event in the history of television.”

Why, it’s almost as if everything Obama does is an attempt to distract America from the many things that Fox wants America to be outraged by. Even a nuclear deal with Iran is just one more “distraction from the disastrous Obamacare Rollout.” Is the President supposed to have an agenda that is different from that of Fox News? It looks pretty suspect — if Obama truly loved America, he’d hate Obama as much as they do:

Of course, once you start down that Eve of Distraction rabbit hole, everything is a distraction from everything else, and the Daily Show writers even managed to find a video of a Fox segment arguing that the killing of Osama bin Laden was merely a distraction from the poor economic numbers — after all, any fool knows that the bin Laden raid was a distraction from the birth certificate. And finally, of course, there’s the total distraction vortex, in which a speech on the economy somehow becomes a distraction from all the scandals. You might even get the impression that Fox is not an especially serious news organization, just maybe.

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