Jon Stewart Explains Russian Invasion Of Crimea: Just An Armed Surprise Party For Old Friends (Video)

Jon Stewart riffs on the serious geopolitical repercussions of Russia’s invading the Crimea, which for U.S. America at least boil down to Republicans shouting that Barack Obama is weak — a manlier president would have gone immediately to Alert Condition Alpha Dawg, making Putin back down, because he’s so responsive to what other countries do. As anyone knows, Vladimir Putin would never dare invade another country if a strong manly Republican U.S. President were in office, which is why Putin didn’t dare to invade Georgia’s breakaway republics in 2008, because he so feared George W. Bush.

Also worth a look, over at the Colbert Report: In response to the Americans for Prosperity ads featuring Obamacare Horror Stories that never really happened (and “ordinary Americans” who turned out to be actors), Stephen Colbert interviews an ordinary American who only happens to look a lot like Patrick Stewart doing a deliberately bad Louisiana-ish accent:

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