Jon Stewart Amazed & Stunned By Eric Cantor’s Amazing Stunning Loss (Video)

Jon Stewart Amazed & Stunned By Eric Cantor's Amazing Stunning Loss (Video)For once, Jon Stewart said Wednesday, a news story lives up to the hype on cable news: Eric Cantor’s surprise loss to an unknown tea party Brat really was pretty spectacular. After all, Cantor was the 4th most powerful Republican in Washington, right after “Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and an AR-15- that fires baby eagles dressed like Jesus.” And so we get this postmortem of an election result that nobody saw coming, least of all the House Majority Leader and “future millionaire lobbyist” himself. And who is this hot new economics professor, David Brat? What new ideas does he bring? Oh. A whooooooole bunch of Jesus-talk, eh? Fine, fine, so Cantor’s not as Chosen as he thought.

Just how surprising was Cantor’s loss? It was even more surprising than the latest school shooting, which was mostly met with simple resignation. And so, since there’s no good news anymore, Stewart introduces a new segment: “Know What, We’ll Take It” — stories that are awful, but turned out less awful than you’d expect.

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  • weejee

    Congress’s golden age of cooperation is over?Head-desk, head-desk…

    • glasspusher

      Didn’t you hear? The dug a trench so they could lower the bar further…

  • glasspusher

    If someone watches these shocking videos, will they be shocked? Asking for a friend…

  • NoNotThatOne

    Brat acknowledges he won “because dollars do not vote, you do” then follows it up by saying his win is a miracle from Dog? So voter turnout = miracle. They’re setting a very low bar for what constitutes a miracle these days. e.g. Pope JP2Also, if people deciding how to vote is controlled by Dog, how exactly does their precious free will figure into all this?

    • gingerland62


      • NoNotThatOne


  • TJ Barke

    Ugh, as if we needed any more prosperity gospel calvinist bullshit in this country.

  • Crabbie Offman

    So the guy who spent truckloads of money got whupped by some nobody with not much loot? And they’re Republicans? Democracy is really confusing… how does it work again?