Jon Stewart On CNN’s Flight 370 Coverage: ‘Pointing At S**t And Wondering What It Is’

Jon Stewart is in Full Media Critic Mode again; that’s always a beautiful thing to behold. Tuesday’s Daily Show brought another look at CNN’s increasingly content-free coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner. Sure, CNN got a ratings bump by becoming the Flight 370 Network, but Stewart has to ask: Is it Good For the News? Where other networks have moved on to other stories, updating the Malaysian airliner story only when something actually happens, CNN has “steadfastly remained on the ramparts, occasionally pointing at shit and wondering what it is.”


And what have we learned? There’s a lot of trash in the ocean. Some of it floats and some of it sinks. And none of it so far is a Boeing 777.

And here’s the rest of the piece, including a jaw-dropping segment where CNN turned off the studio lights to show us that the bottom of the ocean is dark. Yes, they did that. Ultimately, Stewart says, CNN had little choice but to begin eating itself:

“There it is! With a lack of new developments, CNN is about to do a story covering their coverage of the Malaysian plane story.”

Fortunately, there was an earthquake to distract them, some real news, a chance to provide actual information  — at which CNN launched into speculation about whether this was a precursor to The Big One. Stewart speculates that there’s a simple explanation: CNN is simply “bored with the idea of reporting things” anymore.

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