Jon Stewart Has Had It With Cheesy, Bacony Super Bowl Munchie Shortages

With this year’s Super Bowl being played by teams from states that have legalized weed, there are rumored shortages of Velveeta and bacon, maybe. The nation’s strategic reserves of munchies could be endangered! Or is the “Velveeta Shortage” simply an ersatz media invention, a smoothly processed story with little nutritional value? The Daily Show looks at the disturbing puff piece behind this lighthearted reality:


It’s not every day that you get to start the morning with a story on “Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea.” (You’re welcome!) Ah, but is it explosive or foamy, that’s the question. Jon Stewart even manages to remind us of where our food really comes from, without quite slipping into PETA territory. Nicely played, unless you’re PETA, in which case he was far too easy on the mass murderers.

Also worth a watch: Stewart’s interview with Marilynne Roach, author of Six Women of Salem, a new book on the Salem witch trials.

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