The French President Is Horny, And Jon Stewart Is On The Media That’s On It

French President Francois Hollande is here, and the media is drooling over the “tawdy soap opera” resulting from Hollande’s arrival sans une première Dame. (Chicks: so mad when you have affairs on them … in France???) How can we think about Syria or Iran when seating arrangements for the State Dinner are all out of whack?


And sure, “Jon Stewart gets exasperated at the shallowness of news coverage” is a trick we’ve seen plenty of times, but it’s still pretty darn funny, especially with a topic as perfectly shallow as the question of the ginormous implications of a foreign leader traveling stag. Extra points for leading the segment with an Al Jazeera America clip that “was threatening to get inappropriately in-depth about foreign policy,” and bookending that by closing with a CNN report that finally acknowledges that “It’s not just about the dinner of course. France is a top U.S. ally, and topics like Syria and Iran are on the table.” Which is literally the full extent of the “world issues” coverage in the piece.

And this is where Stewart excels — with just a handful of clips and a strategic “can you believe this shit?” raised eyebrow, he calls attention to just how vapid our serious news media can be. It’s enough to make you wish your cable company carried Al Jazeera America.

Also worth catching: Stewart’s interview with New Yorker writer Elizabeth Kolbert about her book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, which explains how humans are pretty much the ultimate invasive species. It’s pretty cool to see a Serious Writer who plays along with Stewart, trading lines with him with the skill you’d expect from an entertainer.

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