Jon Stewart Reviews Box Office Sensation Cliven Bundy’s ‘Apocalypse Cow’ (Video)

Jon Stewart is back from break, and not a moment too soon, because we’ve needed his sanity on the Great Nevada Cow Freedom Standoff of 2014. Or as Stewart calls it, “your standard boy has cow, boy breaks law for 20 years, boy loses cow story.” And then came the militia, and a clip of former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, the guy with the genius “show the women getting shot first” plan. Just in case there’s any doubt that the Daily Show staff read Yr Wonkette, an astonished Stewart can only say, “He seems nice.”


So how on earth did this guy become the romantic hero of the rightwing loonosphere? He says he just plain doesn’t “recognize the United States government as even existing,” which Stewart thinks may distill America’s ultraconservative community’s values into a very nutty nutshell indeed: “I’m as against government overreach as the next guy. But I don’t think the federal government is overreaching by saying it exists.” After all, who’s to say that anything exists? Odd though, that this guy who says there’s no U.S. Government at all keeps carrying that American flag around.

And then it’s time to ask: what kind of maniac would support a guy who picks and chooses the laws he wants to follow? A freeloader who takes people’s tax money and mooches off the American People? Who Occupies land that isn’t his? Well of course: Fox’s Sean Hannity.

Oh, my, Jon, it’s good to have you back. Problem is, the craziest shit always happens when you take a week off.

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