Jon Stewart Breaks GOP State Of The Union Spinners In Half, Like A Boy (Video)

Jon Stewart is in beautiful form in this analysis of post-SOTU Republican talking points. The only problem with the night’s theme — Obama just doesn’t want to do Bipartisanship — Stewart says, “is that it’s total bullshit. Premium, Grade-A grass fed free range bullshit. Collected and packaged by hand…” And then he starts getting mean.

It’s really quite a lovely rant. You wouldn’t want StewBeef to do this every single time, but in a measured, eight-minute dose like this, it is a wonderful thing to see. And then he gets to Rep. Michael Grimm’s on-camera murder session.

Also worth a watch: Stewart’s short take on Joe Biden, aka “Joey Focus-Puller,” and the Republicans’ eleventeen “official response” broad/pod/oddcasts. Can you handle an additional two minutes of video? We think you can!

Jon Stewart is clearly a man who enjoys his work on days like this. Almost as much as Old Handsome Joe Biden does.

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  • Farb

    Stewart is SO good. But the GOP, now predominantly a non-fringe lunacy, is such fertile material for comedy!

  • Deleted

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    • Annie Towne

      It’s very good for your rage–your rage thrives on this sort of thing. But your rage may not be good for you. Or for the rest of the world. I feel your pain.

    • rebecca

      Yes, Floyd, DON’T MURDER PEOPLE.

      • Deleted

        This post was deleted.

  • Caepan

    It’s too bad we don’t have a legitimate media in this country, instead of the so-called “liberal” media we are stuck with now (i.e. “Both side do it, opinions differ, blah blah blah”). Because if we did, the fact that the GOP conspired before his Inauguration to block whatever President Obama would propose or nominate would be stated whenever a Republican spewed on about how they’d just lurve to compromise in a bipartisan-y way, but that durn Obummer just won’t “negotiate” (as in “give us everything we want including the 2008 and 2012 elections”).

  • glasspusher

    Stewart: Ted WilliamsGOP: slow-pitch softballs