Jon Stewart Breaks GOP State Of The Union Spinners In Half, Like A Boy (Video)

Jon Stewart is in beautiful form in this analysis of post-SOTU Republican talking points. The only problem with the night’s theme — Obama just doesn’t want to do Bipartisanship — Stewart says, “is that it’s total bullshit. Premium, Grade-A grass fed free range bullshit. Collected and packaged by hand…” And then he starts getting mean.

It’s really quite a lovely rant. You wouldn’t want StewBeef to do this every single time, but in a measured, eight-minute dose like this, it is a wonderful thing to see. And then he gets to Rep. Michael Grimm’s on-camera murder session.

Also worth a watch: Stewart’s short take on Joe Biden, aka “Joey Focus-Puller,” and the Republicans’ eleventeen “official response” broad/pod/oddcasts. Can you handle an additional two minutes of video? We think you can!

Jon Stewart is clearly a man who enjoys his work on days like this. Almost as much as Old Handsome Joe Biden does.

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