Here’s Jon Stewart On The Latest Outbreak Of ‘America’s Tragedy Herpe, Dick Cheney’ (Video)

Here's Jon Stewart On The Latest Outbreak Of 'America's Tragedy Herpe, Dick Cheney' (Video)Iraq is back in the news, and so no one should be surprised, says Jon Stewart, that we’ve had another flare-up of “America’s tragedy herpe, Dick Cheney,” who’s returned like a venereal wart of sadness and fail. Fine, Dick, go ahead and

“tell us how we have done everything wrong since you left office and, if you would, do it from in front of a Sears portrait studio backdrop, whilst your Sith apprentice stands in an eerie silent vigil.”

by god, that's chilling
It’s pretty terrifying.

Oh, say, just who was it who negotiated the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq by 2011, with no agreement for American troops to stay behind, and then bragged about what a great agreement it was? Ok, sure, maybe it was Dick Cheney, but how was he to know that anyone would save that footage? Dude never accepted any of Stewart’s many invites to appear on The Daily Show, so he probably wasn’t aware that they like to look at old videotape.


Best moment: Stewart’s reaction to Megyn Kelly’s takedown on Fox News, when she said maybe Cheney was the one who’s been wronger than wrong on Iraq, over and over: “I guess now maybe Dick Cheney knows what it feels like when someone you thought was a friend shoots you in the face.”

Brand new Daily Show correspondent Michael Che has a follow-up report from what appears to be an alternate universe where Dick Cheney takes responsibility for his Iraq screw-ups:

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