Jon Stewart Allows Commie Mayor Bill De Blasio To Talk Like A Screaming Socialist

On Monday’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart welcomes notorious communist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who calmly and politely lays out his terrifying socialist agenda for the city: equal justice and opportunity, in the form of an end to stop-and-frisk and a tax on the rich to pay for universal preschool and expanded after-school programs. The Mayor insists that a progressive city government will not actually lead to chaos, arguing that “rampant, growing inequality” is a far greater threat to the city than a tax increase on people making over half a million dollars:

“Progressives can run governments effectively; progressives can be fiscally responsible; progressives can focus on public safety, but we’re gonna do it in a way that respects people’s rights.”

We think we like this guy. Could NYC annex Boise?

Comedy Central screwed up part of their “extended interview” video this time around — it actually cuts off just as de Blasio starts talking about the extended preschool program. That may be fixed later. As a special Clipbait treat, let’s also watch Stewart take on the greatest scandals of de Blasio’s first hundred days — snow removal on the Upper East Side, and of course, The Pizza Incident:

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