John Oliver Looks At Uganda’s Insane Anti-Gay Laws, Meets Uganda’s Sanest Person (Video)

John Oliver Looks At Uganda's Insane Anti-Gay Laws, Meets Uganda's Sanest Person (Video)To celebrate Gay Pride Month, John Oliver recapped some of the steps forward toward marriage equality, and notes that at this rate, the only suspense remaining is in guessing “which state is going to be last. Who could it possibly be Mississippi? We don’t know Mississippi! It could be anyone Mississippi.” Anyway, well done, USA! Unfortunately, as the market for rancid homophobia here has declined, American fundagelicals found a willing export market in Uganda, which welcomed their help in designing a terrible law that provides life in prison for homosexuality, and where attacks on gays have increased dramatically since the law passed. Says Oliver, ‘People from the Dark Ages could build a time machine, travel to 2014 Uganda, and step outside and say, ‘Oh, shit — it didn’t work.'”

But not all is lost — while researching the general horribleness of Uganda’s paranoid anti-gay climate, the Last Week Tonight crew found someone who may well be Uganda’s sanest person: Transgender human rights activist Pepe Julian Onziema, who we see weathering an inconceivably obtuse interview on Ugandan TV with incredible restraint and dignity, calmly shooting down the host’s idiotic questions about such myths as gays “recruiting” children. Oliver, clearly impressed, asks, “How does a human being maintain that level of composure and say ‘We do not do that’ instead of ‘What the fuck is WRONG with you?'” And then Oliver was joined by Onziema, who Oliver suggests just might be “the Gandhi of Uganda.”


This here is some excellent television. Watch it, not just because it’s important, but also because, incredibly, it’s also pretty damn funny. And start your betting on Pepe Julian Onziema for a Nobel Peace Prize within the next few years.

How cool is Last Week Tonight? Cool enough that they put their extended interviews on the YouTubes. Here’s Part 2:

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