John Oliver Eviscerates Those GOP Hipster Outreach Ads And We Laugh Our Faces Off

We never really got around to dealing with those horrible Republican hipster outreach ads, mostly because the guy in this ad was so whiny we wanted to punch his face and couldn’t even make it through a 24-second ad, which is saying something.

Seriously that guy is a whiny little baby. You don’t want to think about money before you fill up your gas tank? Grown ups generally think about money, even if something is cheap! And you’re a Republican because you want an energy policy that favors many different types of energy sources? We believe that actually makes you a Democrat, sir.


Fortunately, John Oliver has much more fortitude than we do, and gets paid a shit ton more, so he made an awesome parody ad that perfectly captures the entitled yet confused whine of the original

Oliver’s ad also captures the signature visual spirit of the real ad as well, which is that the dude CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT THE CUE CARDS while he’s doing a 24-second ad. Jesus, Republicans. You couldn’t find one actor that would work for you that could memorize 24 second of dialogue? You must be the worst advertising clients ever.

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