VIDEO: Miyazaki March special: Composer Joe Hisaishi

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Sofie takes a break from the actual Miyazaki movies to talk about one of the people who never gets enough praise in making Miyazaki’s movies what they are. She discusses the music of Joe Hisaishi, and movie music in general, before we return to her regularly scheduled Miyazaki March… er, March-ish.

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  • Muthsarah

    March is being extra lamb-ish this year.

    If you’re worried about covering the same ground as AH, do your Mononoke review in Danish. I can’t remember the last time you did that. Or wear a cat costume. I dunno. Dare to be different!

    Did the clip I posted in the last review leave any impression on you? Had you heard it before? That’s been my favorite piece by Hisaishi for a long time. It’s wistful, but very energetic. It’s probably not as impressive as “Bygone Days” overall (which feels like it has more variety to it), which I had never really listened to before, so I might have to re-consider which one I like better. Which means I’d have to make a ranking list of all his scores. Ooooh, project!

    • Sofie Liv

      Yes I did, sorry for not responding I guess I… kind of sweat it out in all of the excitement…

      Really great musical piece! As if to be exspected from Hisaishi, don’t know what else to say.
      If he wanted to say. “Great Gatsby 20’s style jazzy America.” … yeah he got it. And I LOVE that era in history, just for pure astetical reasons, I love it when movies and music goes all “Twentys.” like, I think the clothes, music and style inspired from that is great.
      It wouldn’t be surprising at all if you caught me running around in one of those knee-high dresses, high heels, cute hats and red lipsticks… I do in fact have a few out-fitts inspired from that image, so heh.
      This music piece fits me well.. no, don’t like it as much as bygone days but then again..Bygone days are one of my favourite tunes ever so I am not asking any music to be like that.

      As for making Mononoke different… pff, I don’t know.. this is a video series, and I would like it to be cohesent so any-one, at any given time in the future can just start by video one and then go through the entire thing.

      Also… Channel Awesome will be hiring again here at May…
      I need to finish this video series so I can make some-thing special for that application!

      • Trying out for CA? Good luck, i’ll be rooting for you.

        • Sofie Liv

          Thanks :) …. OAAAHH! You got Clive as a profil picture! HIGH FIVE FOR PROFESSOR LAYTON FANS!

  • Dar

    HIs work on “Robot Carnival” was magnificent.

    • Sofie Liv

      I don’t know, but I will have to believe you, as I have not heard one single Joe Hisaishi composition I did not like.

      most of his work is amazing X)

      • Dar

        I hope you check out some of that anime’s segments on Youtube (especially “Starlight Angel”). makes buying the soundtrack worth it.

        Take care.

  • Mike

    As soon as I started to spell out this composers name I though, wait…could it be? I looked it up and YES this is the same man who composed the music for the 1982 anime version of The Wizard of Oz from Toho studios. I was only second only to the 1939 MGM musical classic as my favorite adaptation Oz growing up. The english dub features Dorothy voice Aileen Quinn based known for staring in the first movie adaptations of Annie that same year which coincidental is getting a reboot this year) and lyrics by legendary song writer Sammy Cahn of “Let it Snow” fame. After Oz the Great and Powerful came out I found this movie on youtube. Seeing again for this first time in over a decade I was amazed how well it holds up.
    Anyway enough of my nostalgia trip. Yes Sofie, it’s true. The composers are one of the least appreciated players in filmmaking. Even before sound film was developed, original scores were written for movies that were being played with live bands in the theater! The other night I saw Field of Dreams for the first time and was surprised to see James Horner’s name in the opening credits and was thinking, dang…more people need to know just how many movies he’s worked on. There are certain segments of music that becoming such a personal component of our collective dreams that we don’t even remember or realize what production there were originally made for. They just conjure certain emotion that can add layer of meaning to a single scene or even a single frame that makes us remember them better than we even might have otherwise. If ever start editing my own videos, I want to learn how make certain scenes without music better by adding background scores that weren’t made for them or maybe didn’t even exist than just to see what kind of effect they’ll have.
    PHEW, I wrote a lot. Hope this doesn’t sound like a total rambling mess and that you’ll at least see how much I appreciate this.

    • Sofie Liv

      I reallly appreciate your comment :-)

      But yeah, his work record is INSANE! and I have yet to hear a single number he composed I didn’t like…
      Screw those damn japaneese and their abilities to just mass produce quality products.. it is truly, MADNESS! to look at his record in compositions.. he also composed the music for a PS3 RPG game, Ni No Kuni, wrath of the white witch, just now we are ad it!
      And how’s the music in that game!? .. Flipping amazing of course! What the heck!? oO;

  • $36060516

    I agree with you about Queen’s songs for “Highlander,” especially “Who Wants to Live Forever.”

    Also, thought it was great that when you mentioned people who are not recognized besides directors the thought popped into my mind — THE WRITERS, mention the writers, and that was the first thing you mentioned, even though it doesn’t apply in Miyazaki’s case. Kudos.

    • MichaelANovelli

      Well, aside from the fact that Highlander is EPIC, I concur. “Who Wants To Live Forever” is one of the few things that makes me cry…

    • Sofie Liv

      Well it is the first thing that pops into my mind to, and as I am in fact a writer… that would be weird if I didn’t mention it…

  • MichaelANovelli

    I’ve never really been a big fan of Idina Menzel, myself. I thought he was the worst thing about RENT…

    • Sofie Liv

      You can’t take away the sheer power and belt in her voice.
      To ever pull off Let it go probably, would take an extremely skilled and trained singer, as well as flipping. “Defying gravity.” from wicked.

      So you can’t ever argue that she’s a bad singer, she’s a darn professional classical singer and it can be heard, so there’s not even any argue.

      • MichaelANovelli

        I never said she was a bad singer. You can be the best of the best and still not be someone’s cup of tea. Which is why nobody likes Yngwie Malmsteen…

        • Sofie Liv

          I love a good alto, and I find Idina Menzel to be one of the best of those whom are alive today. So yeah I am a fan..

          Never quite got Sarah Brightman though, she’s a brilliant singer, her range is insane, and those high notes are some-thing that most people can only dream about if they train their entire life.
          Her voice just always seemed a tad bit odd to me… so I get where you are coming from actually.

  • Future Boy Conan, guys. FTW.