Jimmy Fallon Stars In The Vladimir Putin Cold War Kickstarter Campaign


Because we are a Happy Nice Time blog not a Geopolitical Feelings blog, we don’t talk a ton about Russia, even though we’ve learned that Edward Snowden thinks they are super awesome on human rights and Ron Paul lurrrvvees them. We will, however, succumb to Russia-talking if it involves Jimmy Fallon as Vladimir Putin.


Yes, it’s the Vladimir Putin Cold War Kickstarter. For donating, you can have a signed photo of Vlad the Shirtless or a beer/vodka coozie, and for throwing $1,000 at Putin, you get the chance to ride horses or wrestle bears with the bare-chested virile man himself. Don’t kid yourself. You’d totally throw down $1K if this was real just for the hell of it, even if you were funding a return to the never-ceasing nuclear terror of the 1950s.

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