Jimmy Fallon Recreates Actual Obama-Putin Phone Call, Including The Songs

For your Clipbait this morning we bring you this important Geopolitical Satire about the continuing crisis in Ukraine, which the Daily Caller hails as an unprecedented slam against Obamacare and a scathing attack on “Obama’s feckless handling of Ukraine.” Which is to say that there is a joke in the sketch about Obamacare being unpopular.  Damn, at this rate, it’s only a matter of time until Fallon just books Dennis Miller for every episode.

We know we should be above enjoying such broad stereotypes as much as we do, but Fallon’s full-Boris-Badenov Putin is far too much fun, even if it has next to nothing with the actual guy, who isn’t especially happy or nice at all. Dion Flynn’s Obama is pretty good, too — and as a person with a creeping unibrow, Yr Doktor Zoom is happy to see an actor with the same affliction making it onto network teevee.

Also, we would like to take a page from the Daily Caller’s book and predict that Barack Obama’s foreign policy is doomed to failure unless he significantly increases the role of show tunes and Cyprus Hill lyrics in negotiations.

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