Jill Duggar Flees the Country

Where in the world is Jill Duggar? Much like Carmen Sandiego or Matt Lauer before her, she’s fled the country for parts unknown.

Have you seen this woman?

Have you seen this woman?

Jill, hubby Derick, and newborn Israel were last seen boarding a plane Sunday. Where they went, nobody knows. According to the family’s blog, they’re off to harvest souls for their undead master.

jill zombie

The sudden international mission trip with a three-month-old baby in tow has led some to cruelly (if reasonably) speculate that Jill is skipping out before she gets subpoenaed in an upcoming lawsuit against her eldest brother Josh over his child-touching past.


Admitted molestation may have scared TLC away from the Duggar clan, but not so People magazine. The gossip rag posted a five-minute video of the family praying over Jill and Derick just before their trip. The sound quality is terrible; it must be so rough for the family not to have a professional video crew nipping at their heels constantly.

Say, did anyone else notice that the family prayer, which the family clearly recorded for the purpose of making it public, was a little light on Jill’s mission work and a little heavy on reminding people that past sins should be completely forgotten and ignored forever? Allow me to quote:

“To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, how people can be forgiven for the things they’ve done wrong. And if they turn control of their life to you, Father, you promise you’ll come in and make them new creatures. Old things are past away; behold, all things are become new.”

That last line is 2 Corinthians 5:17, which is a lovely verse and all, but not usually the first thing Christian missionaries teach to the brown-skinned heathens. I wonder why Pa Duggar thought that particular point was worth emphasizing today?

Forgiveness isn’t the only thing the Duggar family is begging for these days. Jill and Derick have an off-brand GoFundMe website set up if you’re inclined to subsidize their globetrotting ways. Don’t worry about where they’re going or for how long. The default setting on the pledge page is $15 monthly, indefinitely, if you’re curious.


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