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  • msanthropesmr

    That is the first and last time I visit Twitchy. That’s supposed to be entertainment?

    • $160578

      I love that it’s named “Twitchy”. It’s one of the classic bits of unconscious right wing self-parodying.

      • msanthropesmr

        There’s a lot of unconscious and unconscionable behavior on the part of the right wing…

      • borninatrailer

        Rare truth in advertising.

  • $160578

    I gave out fake doody and vomit to my star students every April Fool’s Day. Then the other teachers found out who was doing it. I’ve never figured out where they got those torches and pitchforks.

    • msanthropesmr

      *I* taught my students how to penny lock doors, and how to poke an unnoticeable hole in a a water bottle that makes it pee down the front of your shirt when you pick it up.I also, and I sincerely regret doing this one, taught my students how to change the autocorrect feature in Word to change words like “a” or “the” to “poop”. That one backfired on me.

  • lenny-t

    Well, Rachael Ray tearing up because her brudder got health insurance through the ACA is cute. But she has about 10 jillion dollars and I wonder why she didn’t throw him a few buck for health insurance and help him out.

    • $73376667

      Because taking hand-outs from family isn’t fun.