Jesus Watches ‘NCIS’ With Sarah Silverman; Wingnuts, Surprisingly, Furious

jesus is a cool guySarah Silverman sure makes funny videos. There was that time she was fucking Matt Damon (MATT DAMON).

And that time she hung out with all the Jewish nana’s to make sure they went and voted for that menschy college professor (such a person!) even though he is a schwartze.


But who is even better than Matt Damon (MATT DAMON) and your bubbeh? Jesus, that is who! Man, Sarah Silverman really has cool friends.

So Jesus comes to hang out and kibitz with Sarah Silverman, and watch an NCIS marathon, and eat popcorn and make jokes about life beginning at 40. Haha, Jesus is not only magic, he is also hilarious!

(Can we take a moment here to compare Paul Rudd’s career to that of another likable, charming everyman, Jason Bateman? Everything Paul Rudd is in is sweet, funny and great. Have you seen Our Idiot Brother? Great! How about Wanderlust? Way great! I Love You Man? Hilarious, funny and pretty great! Now Bateman: Horrible Bosses, Extract, The Switch, and Couples Retreat. Jason Bateman’s movie career: not great! We now return you to this post, already in progress.)

Also, they have some thoughts about bortion. And that is where things gets SICK!!!!

SICK! Sarah Silverman Uses Jesus To Promote Abortion, Masturbation, And Progressive Propaganda

Tell us more, Gateway Pundit guest blogger Mara Zebest. Your headlines intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter!

Actress Sarah Silverman uses “Jesus” in an extremely offensive video to push abortion, masturbation, and more. While I’m sure Sarah Silverman thinks she’s being “edgy”, funny, and original… the truth is Silverman is base and crass. Silverman might try learning a thing or two about real art from Scott Burdick and Roger Scruton who provide excellent videos on why Liberals feel a need to destroy beauty in our culture. The answer? Because beauty matters and is a part of our connection to G-d. And G-d is our connection to morality (the enemy of the Left).

Yeah, Sarah Silverman! Why don’t you be a painter of beautiful ladies or a philosopher about why beauty matters in the arts, instead of a so-called “comedian”? And let’s just take a look at your so-called “funny” “video” about reproductive rights!

Oh. Well. Hmmm. That was really nice actually? Like, the animated parts in the middle are a little on the nose with the Every Sperm Is Sacred stuff, but “People who believe fertilized eggs are people are people too. You have to love them. You’re not better than them”? Oh man, that is so Paul Rudd, isn’t it? It totally is.

Oh, right, we forgot. AND IT’S SICK. SICK. SICK that anyone would use Jesus as a kind of political propaganda, especially those political people who are “enemies of morality,” as determined by lover of G_d and non-partisan nonpropagandist Mara Zebest.

[GatewayPundit / ladypartsjustice]

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