Jesse Jackson Shows Ted Cruz How ‘Green Eggs And Ham’ Should be Read

Last night, some weasel-faced Canadian read Green Eggs and Ham to the Senate. Here’s a clip of Jesse Jackson giving the book justice on SNL after Theodore Geisel died in 1991. (It’s not the full version, unfortunately; completists can find a not-great-quality version — which we could not embed, unfortunately — here.)


For the sake of comparison/contrast, here is the nasal delivery of the decidedly unJacksonesque Ted Cruz, using a story about how you should not reject something without trying it as part of his effort to kill a health-insurance law that has not yet been implemented (but which people in Massachusetts seem to like the taste of):

Frankly, we’d have preferred to see Cruz read Go the Fuck to Sleep.

And finally, the best variation on a theme by Seuss, from Philip Gourevich on the Twitters:

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