Watch Jerry Seinfeld And Louis C.K. Ride Around In A Tiny Car and A Giant Boat, For Comedy

Watch Jerry Seinfeld And Louis C.K. Ride Around In A Tiny Car and A Giant Boat, For Comedy

Do you like cars or boats or Jerry Seinfeld or Louis C.K. or any possible combination of those things? Then have we got a thing for you! For the latest episode (we will NOT use the term “webisode.” You can’t make us.) of his web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld and his coffee-klatch guest Louis C.K. pile into the improbably named, and improbably tiny, Fiat Jolly, which basically looks like something from Barbie’s Dream House or a souped up golf cart, or both, and then head to Louis’ C.K.’s yacht.

You’d think Seinfeld would have his own enormoyacht to transport Louis around on because the residuals from Seinfeld must be in the gazillions since that thing is never not on somewhere. Also, Louis C.K. has to supply the coffee, which seems lame for the interviewee. We guess that is how billionaires stay billionaires.

Seinfeld is at his funniest during his off-screen narration right at the outset of the piece. He sounds like he’s reading from a book report on the Fiat, and since the car is so absurd on its face, it doesn’t need any wacky Seinfeld whineyells to describe it. Louis C.K. is properly amazed and confused by the 2-cylinder wicker-seated deathmobile as well.

The dialogue between Seinfeld and Louis C.K. is loose and funny. There’s some light reminiscing about Louis opening for Seinfeld years ago and about both of them working with Steven Wright, but it doesn’t feel famous person name-droppy. No one stomps on anyone else’s line. There’s no catchphrases. There’s no one upmanship. Well, except for you feeling one-upped, you lazy poor slob, because you do not have a beautiful yacht in which to travel, nor do you have the super-fancy coffee machine that Louis C.K. has. Louis C.K. remains an everyman for the ages, though, because he drives his own yacht.

The show isn’t laugh out loud funny, and it isn’t meant to be. They’re not workshopping stand-up bits. They’re just chatting. However, they are funnier people than you are and richer people than you are, so they do have stories like Louis C.K.’s tale of getting his yacht stranded at low tide with his children in the boat. You and I would have to sit there dying of both starvation and boredom, but Louis ends up with a police boat bringing him food from Whole Foods while a crowd of people on the shore — who have now figured out who he is — alternately cheer him on and mock him for his incompetence. It’s vintage Louis C.K. self-deprecation.

If you’re expecting to urinate yourself with mirth, this isn’t the series for you, but if you dig on a low-key vibe and like a lower-key Seinfeld rather than a wacky yelling Seinfeld, you’ll probably enjoy this and can then waste your day trolling back through past episodes where Seinfeld talks to Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, and other comedians, all of whom presumably have better rides than you do.

You can watch the entire 20-minute episode here because that is kind of how web series work.

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  • Vecchiojohn

    This guy gives away a metric fuck ton of money and he can still afford a FUCKING YACHT? Jesus, I wish I’d been born funnier.