Jem “One Jem Too Many” (part 2 of 3)

The next scene rolls along. Jerrica is sitting down, having just finished her paperwork. But wait, I thought she was at the mall, as a newly insane Jem? What’s going on!? I honestly have no clue, folks. I mean, not even the plot-spoiling title can help me out on this one. So then Rio walks in, asking to talk to Jerrica. He’s got something serious he’d like to talk to her about. What can it be? His mother died? He’s not where he thought he’d be in life? He doesn’t feel adequate as a man? Nope!

He’s worried about his second girlfriend!

Yep, Rio, who has scientifically been proven to be the Slowest Man in the Jem Universe, actually decides to talk to his girlfriend about his relationship troubles with… the other woman. For the purposes of the story, however, Jerrica completely ignores the fact that her boyfriend went out on a date with another woman. She’s more worried about the thought of Jem throwing a fit somewhere without her knowledge. B-b-b-but, she’s Jem! Uhhwhaaat?

Jem "One Jem Too Many" (part 2 of 3)

Just then, the Holograms walk in, asking to speak with Jerrica, kind of the way a group of friends ask to speak to their best friend who just happens to be addicted to porn right before the intervention happens. Jerrica doesn’t catch on, and instead tells her boyfriend to mail off the tax returns. Rio takes them and walks off, but not before giving her a really sleazy “hey, for you? Anything” line that’s so icky, he sounds like he’s channeling Link from the ‘80s Legend of Zelda cartoon, which I totally never watched, so let’s just pretend I didn’t even mention it and move on.

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Multi-Part Article: Jem "One Jem Too Many"

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