Jem “One Jem Too Many” (part 1 of 3)

Before I start, maybe I should familiarize the unenlightened with the entire premise of this show. As stated by the gospel of Wikipedia, Jem is a kick-ass ‘80s cartoon which was created for the sole purpose of selling toys, like all most other cartoons of that era and, let’s face it, of all time.

So there’s this girl Jerrica who runs an orphanage. She’s got these earrings that allow her to turn into a rockstar (and possibly superhero?) named Jem, who leads a band called Jem and the Holograms, which records for a label owned by Jerrica and her peeps, Starlight Records. With me so far?

Well, that’s it, really. The entire show is about Jem’s fabulous life as a rockstar, her BFFs and bratty kid sister, the orphans she looks after, and her ridiculously slow-witted boyfriend, who’s in love with both Jem and Jerrica without being able to figure out that they’re actually the same person. And Jerrica’s totally fine with this. It’s an ‘80s cartoon soap opera with tons of glamour, glitter, fashion and… well, you know the rest.

So, on to the episode!

Jem "One Jem Too Many" (part 1 of 3)

OMG the ‘80s music. The ’80s music! It buuuuuuuuuuuurnz us! Actually, it’s all kinds of awesome.

The title card tells us this episode was written by Buzz Dixon, who also wrote the Mister T episode “Mystery of the Mind-Thieves”. So you know we’re about to see something completely insane.

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Multi-Part Article: Jem "One Jem Too Many"

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